Arts, Sciences and Education

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The College of Arts,  Sciences and Education endeavors to strengthen the students’ understanding of the accumulated knowledge of humankind, to enable them to cope with its manifold problems, and to develop their potential as humane persons and responsible members in a constantly changing global community.


Business of Business Management & Accountancy

cba logoThe College of Business Administration recognizes the need to help students understand and embrace leadership in accelerating development, technology, globalization of markets, availability of capital and increasing diversity that transform the economic environment worldwide. It offers an integrated program and learning culture that values individual vision, intellectual discipline and teamwork.


Engineering and Information Sciences

CEIS logo NEW smallThe College of Engineering and Information Sciences is committed to providing accessible and responsive programs of education and research recognized nationally for their high quality. It intends to be the institution of choice for students and industry. As a community of scholars, it shall lead by example and with vision, inspiration, integrity, and a shared sense of purpose. It shall promote a stimulating and productive environment of work, study, and scholarly inquiry for students, faculty, and staff.


Hospitality & Tourism Management

chtm logoThe College of Hospitality and Tourism Management endeavors to be a center for excellence in Hospitality and Tourism Management programs to produce graduates with Christian values and ideals who are socially responsible, creative, and professionally competent to be entrepreneurs, managers, and workers in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.


Medical Technology

cmt logoThe College of Medical Technology is  committed to help the prospective medical technologist gain knowledge and skills in the theoretical and practical aspects of medical technology, as it facilitates the training of the student in developing qualities, attitudes, and values needed to become a competitive and effective member of the health care delivery system of the country and the global community.


St. Luke’s College of Nursing

cnu logoThe St. Luke’s College of Nursing envisions itself as an institution perpetuating a culture of excellence through God-centered Nursing education, service, and volunteerism. It commits itself to the pursuit of truth and the formation of competent, caring, dedicated, and compassionate Filipino nurses who make a distinct contribution to the health care delivery system in the Philippines and in the global community through Christian nursing care.