The Alumni Affairs Office has direct responsibility towards developing and maintaining quality alumni affairs relations of the University in cooperation with other units of the institution. It promotes the welfare of the alumni and the University in the attainment of its educational objectives. It helps our Alma Mater in the fulfillment of its mission through the organization of its graduates working for the sustained growth of its members and the University.


Quality alumni affairs/relations through full cooperation and collaboration
of other units of the University.

To promote quality alumni affairs/relations of the University by:

  • devising and utilizing varied strategies to strengthen the alumni force;
  • creating programs geared towards continuing growth of the University in which alumni involvement is needed;
  • utilizing available technology to upgrade alumni information system; and
  • establishing linkages and networking for job placement of graduates.


Specifically, the Alumni Affairs Office aims to:

  • keep alive the Trinitian philosophy of education and service in all the alumni;
  • meaningfully involve Trinitian alumni in the continuing growth of the University;
  • network with local and international individuals and organizations to strengthen the alumni relations programs;
  • establish the Trinitian alumni as a viable human and material resource for the improvement of the University and its graduates;
  • consolidate alumni force;
  • provide training and career development measures for the alumni towards self-improvement and excellence in service; and
  • utilize the alumni office as a network for job placement of graduates.



MR. DENNIS LUIS D. ABELLERA- Alumi Affairs Coordinator
Contact Information: 7022882 loc. 441
Office Location: Ground Floor, SSC Building