sub 001This is a 4-year program. The first two years are spent in the College of Arts and Sciences where all   General Education Courses (GEC) are taken. After finishing the GEC and passing the battery examinations, students are qualified to go into the 3rd Year Level of the Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science Program.  It is during the 3rd Year and the first semester of the 4th Year that all major clinical subjects are given intensively together with properly guided hands-on laboratory procedures.  The second semester of the 4th year is six (6) months internship program either in Saint Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC), AFP Medical Center (AFPMC) or Delos Santos Medical Center (DLCMC).  During the internship period, Med Tech students can now apply the theoretical knowledge they have gained in the third year by performing laboratory tests on real patients in a hospital setting with the supervision of the laboratory staff.




1. Medical Technology Refresher Program – Duration: 12 months (2 Semesters)

As mandated in the Philippine Medical Technology Law: “no further examination will be given an applicant who has not qualified after three examinations, unless and until he shall have completed a 12-month refresher course in an accredited medical technology school or 12-month postgraduate training in an accredited laboratory.”

The 12-month refresher course is an intensive lecture on the major board subjects given in the 3rd Year and 4th Year. This course meets the need of those who want to take the board exams long after graduation and those who want to take another exam after failing the board exam thrice.  On the contrary, the 12-month postgraduate training is a practicum in an affiliated hospital. Students under the postgraduate training will be required to rotate to the different clinical sections in the laboratory as special interns (no night duties). Graduates of the either programs are given a certificate of completion.

2. Board Review for Medical Technology Licensure Examination

The College of Medical Technology through its In-house Review Program is offering a 2-month intensive review of all professional board courses.  Top caliber professors from reputable med tech schools and review centers are invited to give comprehensive lectures. Assessment examinations are provided to measure the level of preparation of the students prior to the Licensure Examination.