Coming Out of this Shutdown

We know why we are in this enhanced community quarantine – to protect the vulnerable and to flatten the curve in order to avoid choking the health care system since there is still no vaccine or some definitive cure for CoViD-19.

As we continue hiding in the safety of our homes, we hope to come out and wonder how on earth we are going to do so. The money in our pockets, as well as public funds, has slowly been dwindling. Even though many have started to work from home, we know that most businesses are not set up to succeed in this way. Think of construction, factories, banking, restaurants, barbershops, gyms, and transport services. Office-based employees can work from home. However, they need to connect to their company servers that are locked in offices, not at home where internet security is not guaranteed. Because of these reasons and more, we really have to have a viable exit strategy despite most of us being gripped with fear, and for very good reasons.

However, is it fair for the young and the strong to continue staying at home? Should they keep their dreams on hold? Stay out of work and go hungry? No, especially when they have been blessed with a natural immunity against this SARS2 coronavirus.

Is it okay for students to stay home and skip school? No, and that is why schools are opening this August albeit doing online modes of learning for the most part. Students have to continue building up their knowledge and honing their skills because when God ends this pandemic, it most probably will settle down with humanity as a recurrent outbreak. Those who have prepared for that future eventuality will be ready to face its opportunities and challenges.

That is why students must not waste their time. They should continue their studies because a school year that has gone by will never return.


About the writer:
Teresa Aranzamendez, MAEd is a part-time professor at the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education. She is also a special education teacher and a licensed real estate broker actively engaged in international property selling.

Photo credits:
– stay at home by soumen82hazea via Pixabay
– girl staying indoors by Simedblack via Pixabay
– Father Time by Pranavian via Flicker licensed under CC by 2.0