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The College of Business Management & Accountancy recognizes the need to help students understand and embrace leadership in accelerating development, technology, globalization of markets, availability of capital and increasing diversity that transform the economic environment worldwide. It offers an integrated program and learning culture that values individual vision, intellectual discipline and teamwork.

The CBA students are developed as future business leaders and managers imbibed with Christian values. As managers in the 21st century, they shall no doubt conquer the most daunting challenges.

“Nurturing Christian Business Leaders for Tomorrow” is the commitment of CBA in response to the mission of the University.

Specifically, the College of Business Management & Accountancy aims to:

  • provide an understanding of the principles of planning and controlling of activities, measuring performance and establishing and operating policies to achieve organizational goals;
  • equip students with skills in presenting, compiling, and summarizing financial reports that adequately meet the needs of the organization’s stakeholders;
  • develop decision-making skills that would make them innovative in their approach to business problems and situations;
  • undertake practical application of marketing research, marketing plans, and a diagnostic case study of firms, as well as analyzing advertisements in a variety of media;
  • provide computer knowledge and skills which are indispensable in the orientation of a business organization or a government agency; and
  • produce well-trained graduates who have the capacity for independent thought and work and imbued with Christian life values.




Contact Information: 7022882 loc. 621
Dean’s Office: 2nd Floor, Anne Keim Barsam Hall