The College of Education aims to develop a new breed of teachers empowered with tools of scientific and practical knowledge in teaching for academic excellence, responsive educational leadership, research, and community service founded on Christian virtues to the service of God, country, and fellowmen. The principal task of the College of Education is to translate its sound vision into relevant, creative, and outcome-based educational programs as it strengthens national identity, cultural heritage, and achievement towards global competitiveness.

Specific objectives: 

  1. Develop prospective teachers as positive change managers in upholding holistic human development.
  2. Design and implement a curriculum to accomplish standards of excellence in the learner’s knowledge, attitudes, values, and skills.
  3. Provide quality instruction reflective of learner-centered teaching methodologies, innovative instructional design, assessment and evaluation.
  4. Form Christian community builders who are deeply rooted in their national heritage, faith, and uphold the dignity of persons.



DR. JULIET M. TUAZON –  Officer-in-Charge
Contact Information: 7022882 loc. 331