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The College of Medical Technology is  committed to help the prospective medical technologist gain knowledge and skills in the theoretical and practical aspects of medical technology, as it facilitates the training of the student in developing qualities, attitudes, and values needed to become a competitive and effective member of the health care delivery system of the country and the global community.

Specifically, the CMT aims to:

  1. develop the student’s dexterity in the technical procedures of medical technology;
  2. instill in the student his/ her accountability for the following processes:
    – the acquisition of specimen
    – the production of data
    – the final report of test results;
  3. strengthen the student’s sense of dedication to the use of clinical laboratory science to further the progress of humankind;
  4. enhance the student’s interpersonal skills for a harmonious working relationship with his/ her peers and other paramedical students;
  5. facilitate the student’s formation into the medical technology profession, guided by the values of honesty, integrity, respect, dignity, and reliability; and
  6. enable the student to lead a life “for others” through his/ her constant care and concern for hospital patients and active participation in the various community outreach programs of the college.



Contact Information: 7022882 loc. 232
Dean’s Office: Ground Floor, Health Sciences Building
Mobile Number: +63 922 674 0327 | +63 926 064 4236