Trinitian Center for Community Development

TCCD supports the University in carrying out its vision and mission of involving its constituents to live a life that is God-centered and in service to the community. The Center assists the community to nurture individuals to become competent, productive, and responsible.

It works towards achieving TUA’s mission of quality instruction, productive research, and genuine voluntary involvement in community service. Specifically it aims to expand its service-learning programs to the community through volunteerism; share unselfishly skills and expertise in nurturing others for self-empowerment; and establish harmonious working relationships and linkages with the community, government, and private institutions for socio-economic development.


These are achieved through:

  • encouraging volunteers for community outreach projects and activities geared towards spiritual nurturance, education, health, and social awareness among community project partners;
  • coordinating and monitoring volunteer outreach and credited service learning programs to ensure their effective and continuous service for the benefit of the community being served;
  • coordinating special service-learning programs like the International Partnership for Service-Learning Program (IPS-L) which enhances international linkages for global awareness and involvement of students in school and the community; establishing networking/coordination with various sectors for possible support and wider involvement in the community;
  • facilitating skills training for the community to encourage self-reliance and sustainability through income-generating projects;
  • facilitating and conducting research studies based on community service; and
  • evaluating community outreach programs.


Programs and Services

  • Education and Training (formal, non-formal and informal) including leadership formation –COPE, ASPIRE, HEALS, CHANGE, BEST, SNACK, and other Departments and Units of the University
  • Spiritual Nurturance (building faith life through bible sharing and social outreach projects) − Chaplain’s Office
  • Alternative Livelihood Opportunities (community residents shall be provided technical assistance to develop community enterprises for the common good)Project LIFE could still be utilized as one major program for livelihood but could be expanded. –BEST
  • Community Organizing (organize children, women, older people, PWD’s, and special groups, and help establish systems for sustainability) − TCCD and all College Coordinators
  • Advocacy (help build mechanisms to address violence in the communities being assisted) − ASPIRE, TCCD, HEALS, CHANGE
  • Networking (cost sharing and best practice in community development work) − TCCD
  • Health (include diagnostic tests, curative, preventive, promotive, and developmental activities for the total well-being of people) − CHANGE and HEALS
  • Ecological (environmental awareness and environmental projects) − TCCD
  • Sports and Wellness (assist the community organize sports activities and healing activities) − Center for Human Kinetics
  • Research and Evaluation (Graduate school, UDRC and TCCD)



BucoyDR. JULIET K. BUCOY – Director
Contact Information: 7022882 loc. 532
Office Location: TCCD Building