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Registration Guidelines  |  How to enroll to BPI Express Online ? | Email account_support@tua.edu.ph

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Online Self-Registration Guidelines

    1. New Students and Transferees are not allowed to use the self-registration modules, these types of students will be enrolled by their respective colleges/registrar.
    2. Only Regular students can access the self registration module in the computer laboratories from April 14, 2014 up to May 29, 2014.
    3. Regular students with advanced subjects are classified by the system as non-block students or irregular students and will not appear in the regular students’ list.
    4. Regular students who will take advance subjects are classified by the system as non-block students or irregular students and will not appear in the regular students’ list.
    5. Students with subjects that do not appear in their curriculum should request the colleges to have their subjects credited via the equivalent subjects, pre-requisites and co-requisites module.
    6. The list of Regular students will be posted on April 10, 2014.
    7. Only those students who have already changed their password can login to the self-registration system. [see link in TUA Website]
    8. Students should print the assessment form generated by the system as a reference.
    9. Probationary students as tagged by the colleges are blocked in the self-registration module.
    10. Students with previous balances are blocked by the self registration module. Either they pay their remaining balance or make a promissory note in the accounting office to unblock the account.
    11. Students who are going to make a payment below the minimum required amount will not be enrolled by the system. For the system to enroll these type of transactions, concerned students must make a waiver in the accounting office.
      Requirements for the Waiver:

      – Presence of the parent or guardian
      – In the absence of the parent or guardian, have the waiver signed by the parent or guardian with a photocopy ID bearing the parent’s/guardian’s signature.
    12. Students who do not pay the minimum required payment and do not make a waiver on the same day may lose their registration. They should re-register accordingly.
    13. Registration of unpaid students will be cleared by the system the next working day
    14. For students who are going to use the BPI online facility, a confirmation email will be sent by the BPI. Please keep the email information. [BPI Online Payment Enrollment Procedure will be posted soon]
    15. New Students, Transferees, and students with previous balance are not allowed to use the BPI Online Payment Facility
    16. After making sure that the required payment is made, always login back to the self-registration module for checking. If you are sure that you already made the required payment and the system tells you that you are still not enrolled, report this immediately to the accounting office.
    17. Always keep the official receipt.
    18. Check the portal for the updated statement of accounts.
    19. Registration Form will no longer be issued.