TUA has been maintaining linkages with different international institutions to promote greater academic cooperation and attain excellence and leadership in education.

Kobe International University

Kobe International University (KIU) is a small, private university with approximately 1,700 students that aims to produce well-trained graduates with an international perspective. The university campus, completed in 2002 with modern facilities including a Multimedia Centre, is located on Rokko Island, a man-made island offshore from Kobe.

KIU has two major departments – 1) the Department of Economics, with concentrations in Economics, Business Administration, and International Business, and 2) the Department of Urban and Cultural Studies, with concentrations in Tourism and Travel, International Studies, and Urban Studies. The university also has minor concentration programs in English and Foreign Languages, Information Science, and Teacher Training.

QUT students are offered a tailor-made program which includes three hours of Japanese language tuition per day and participation in other regular courses (in Japanese) with one-on-one support.

Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion

The Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion (CUAC) is a world wide association of over 120 institutions of higher education that were founded by and retain ties to a branch of the Anglican Communion. Along with its predecessor, Association of Episcopal Colleges (AEC) that consists mostly of the Episcopal colleges in the US, CUAC is committed to promoting cross-cultural contacts and educational programs. With institutions on all five continents, CUAC was founded for the exchange of ideas, for the development of programs among member institutions, and for our mutual support that we might better serve our students, our societies, and the world. As a global network of Colleges and Universities we strive to assist their faculty and students to become better global citizens of our diverse world.

Source: www.cuac.org

Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia

A growing awareness of their common mission was developed among Christian institutions of higher learning, which had been meeting for more than twenty years in annual Presidents’ Conferences for Asian Christian Universities and Colleges, sponsored by the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia. The felt need was for an organisation that would pool the unlimited human and improving technical resources of these institutions for their mutual benefit as well as that of the whole region. Their successive meetings presented in sharp focus the challenges and opportunities that the rapidly changing conditions of a resurgent Asia bring to them, and inspired in them the vision of a closer cooperation and united efforts, dedicated to Christian witness and service in education.

The Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA) was formally established at a founding conference held on December 6-9, 1976 in Manila. Participated in by 22 institutions, the conference launched the initial step in the words of Dr. Daniel C.W. Tse, toward “more initiative and responsibility in planning, working and sharing together on a regional basis.”

ACUCA’s founding members were: Hong Kong – Chung Chi College and Hong Kong Baptist College; Indonesia – Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Petra Christian University, Satya Wacana Christian University, and Parahyangan University; Japan – International Christian University and Sophia University; Korea – Ewha Woman’s University, Sogang University, Soong Jun University, and Yonsei University; Pakistan – Kinnaird College for Women; Philippines – Ateneo de Manila University, Central Philippine University, De La Salle University, Philippine Christian University, Silliman University, and Trinity College of Quezon City; Thailand – Payap College; and Taiwan – Fu Jen University, Tunghai University, and Soochow University.

Source: www.acuca.net

Other International Partners

Hannam University, South Korea
Rikkyo University, Japan
St. Agnes College, Japan