The St. Luke’s College of Nursing envisions itself as an institution perpetuating a culture of excellence through God-centered Nursing education, service, and volunteerism. It commits itself to the pursuit of truth and the formation of competent, caring, dedicated, and compassionate Filipino nurses who make a distinct contribution to the health care delivery system in the Philippines and in the global community through Christian nursing care.

The objectives of the St. Luke’s College of Nursing are to :

  1. Design, implement, and continuously evaluate curriculum that shall meet the needs of the students and the communities they serve;
  2. Provide a broad educational experience and create situations that shall enable students to acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for quality nursing practice;
  3. Provide students opportunities to work collaboratively with each other and with other members of the health care team and to appreciate the role of nursing among individuals, families, groups, and communities;
  4. Guide the students in their optimum growth and development that they might live a full, productive, and meaningful life imbued with Christian ideals of love and service to fellowmen;
  5. Develop, strengthen, and enhance leadership skills in students by inculcating relevant responsibilities; and
  6. Promote students’ appreciation for continuing education by providing a strong background necessary for graduate study.

It is the hope of the St. Luke’s College of Nursing that its graduates shall be able to:

  1. Plan, provide, and evaluate nursing care for persons of all ages in various stages of life for the promotion of optimum wellness;
  2. Integrate knowledge from the Humanities, Natural Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, and Nursing Theories in the understanding of persons;
  3. Work interdependently with other members of the health care team in the delivery of quality health services, exuding a sense of leadership to both health and non-health workers in any setting;
  4. Become participants in nursing research by interpreting and utilizing results for the improvement of nursing care;
  5. Participate in the joys of helping other persons through service and volunteerism; and
  6. Enhance professional development through graduate study.



Contact Information: 7022882 loc. 221
Dean’s Office: Ground Floor, Health Sciences Building