The Student Affairs Centers (SAC) is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing a variety of student programs and services aimed at engaging students and providing opportunities for them towards academic and personal success.

Headed by the Dean of Students, the SAC, through the Committee on Student Services and Alumni Affairs, coordinates with the academic affairs units, academic support units, administration and finance units, and outsourced process units of the university in providing an integrated approach in the delivery of programs and services for student welfare and development.

Programs and Services
The services provided by the SAC relates to four major areas,
(1) Student Activities,
(2) Linkages and Networking,
(3) Life Skills Training Workshops, and
(4) Student Discipline.

The general Student Development Program under the SAC is realized through the implementation of two subprograms, namely:

(1) Leadership Training Program
(2) Student Life Studies Program

These programs are complemented by other programs developed by Office of the University Chaplain (for Christian values formation), Guidance Center (for Guidance and Counseling and Life Skills Workshops), and the Medical Dental Clinic with the Center for Human Kinetics (for Health and Wellness).