Taking the Challenge





The Trinitian Center for Community Development (TCCD) is the official arm of the University to carry out the third function of the University being a higher education institution –that is Extension. The Trinity University of Asia in its quest for excellence desires an interdependent approach of the three functions of Higher Education Institutions that is alive, nurtured and sustained towards the total transformation of all human beings it has favored to serve.

As a Christian school, the Vision of the Trinity University of Asia is explicit in its quest for people’s transformation where it envisions achieving “A premier Christian University in Asia and the Pacific transforming a community of learners as leaders towards a humane society.”. This vision is the guiding torch for the integrated approach in the delivery of service. In the fulfillment of its vision is the mission statement that provides its direction as follows:

  • Instill Christian values in all its academic programs, co-curricular and extra curricular activities;
  • Provide effective and efficient services for quality learning environment;
  • Extend our ideals of service learning to our partners by empowering communities to be self-reliant and by collaborating with other institutions; and
  • Encourage self-empowerment among employees to gain higher competence and better skills towards service excellence; and 5. Exercising situational and servant leadership in the sound management of our human and material resources.



  • Education and Training (formal, non-formal and informal) including leadership formation –COPE, ASPIRE, HEALS, CHANGE, BEST, SNACK, and other Department and Units of the University
  • Spiritual Nurturance (building faith life through bible sharing and social outreach projects) – Chaplain’s Office
  • Alternative Livelihood Opportunities (community residents will be provided technical assistance to develop community enterprises for the common good)Project LIFE could still be utilized as one major program for livelihood but could be expanded. –BEST
  • Community Organizing (organize children, women, older people, PWD’s and special groups, and help establish systems for sustainability) – TCCD and all College Coordinators
  • Advocacy (help build mechanisms to address violence in the communities being assisted)-ASPIRE, TCCD, HEALS, CHANGE
  • Networking (cost sharing and best practice in community development work) – TCCD
  • Health (include diagnostic tests, curative, preventive, promotive and developmental activities for the total well-being of people) – CHANGE and HEALS
  • Ecological – (environmental awareness and environmental projects)- TCCD
  • Sports and Wellness ( assist the community organize sports activities and healing activities)- Center for Human Kinetics
  • Research and Evaluation (Graduate school, ,UDRC and TCCD)



Contact Information: 7022882 loc. 532