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Service-learning is pedagogy – a teaching learning method connecting course content with actual experience. It provides an experience for students to engage in community service activities with intentional academic and learning goals involving intellectual capacity and skills to address community situations and to provide opportunities to reflect on experiences that connect to academic discipline. (Cress 2013) Students involved in activities to meet the actual needs of the community as an integrated aspect of the curriculum is community service. One example is the PHN (Public Health Nursing /Related Learning Experience) of nursing students where community health, mother and child care, etc are integrated part of curriculum. In practicum and internship, students are deployed in a disciplined base venue in place of class setting to enhance skills and experience in a related field. Volunteerism emphasizes services, activities for the sake of beneficiaries, recipients, and partners. Volunteers’ skills and experience may be of help but not necessarily a priority but work force, manpower that will provide service.