Master of Arts in Education | MA Education

Master’s (MA) Degree in Education

Our Master of Arts in Education program is dedicated to advancing your knowledge and skills in the field of education and preparing you to become a proficient and impactful educator. Discover the exciting journey that awaits you in our MA Education course below!

What is an MA Education Program?

The Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Management program is structured to furnish educators with advanced expertise in organizational leadership, strategic planning, and educational administration. This empowers them to navigate the evolving educational landscape, fostering the ability to instigate positive change and innovation within educational institutions.

The Program Chairperson

Dr. Marissa Ejercito-Borines, PD-SML

Dr. Marissa Ejercito-Borines, having recently earned her Post Doctorate in Strategic Management and Leadership (PD-SML) in 2022, followed swiftly by her Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management (PhD), is dedicated to navigating the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) landscape within educational management. Currently serving as the Program Chairperson of the Graduate School of Education, she fulfills dual roles by imparting knowledge at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. At the undergraduate level, her expertise extends to teaching Special Needs Education and Early Childhood Education courses.

MA Education Objectives and Outcomes

The program embraces the inevitable challenges brought about by the complexities and diversities in the educational paradigm shift. Thus, the program prepares future educational managers in the quest for their professional identity that will manifest in how they manage their institutions’ success.

Manifest managerial competence. Demonstrate combined competence in leadership, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and interpersonal skills.
Acquire research-based skills. Gain combined skills in theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and critical thinking.
Execute intelligent decision-making power. Carry out a joint effort of critical thinking, analysis, emotional intelligence, and strategic planning.
Develop dynamic educational managers. Evolve into managers with the combined effort of leadership, management, and educational expertise in one’s craft.



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Graduate School Facilities

The Graduate School facilities at Trinity University of Asia are designed to offer students a modern and functional environment for advanced learning. Equipped with up-to-date resources, the classrooms facilitate interactive learning experiences. The Graduate School Library located at Mandell Hall provides extensive educational materials to support research and academic pursuits. The campus environment fosters collaboration and scholarly engagement among the academic community.

Graduate School Activities

In the Graduate School of Education, students actively engage in a variety of activities tailored to enhance their expertise and broaden their impact in the field. These include active involvement in community outreach initiatives, participation in national conferences, attendance at specialized seminars, and contributions to research colloquia.

MA Education Degree Admission Requirements



Graduation Requirements


Our MA Education in Educational Management program consists of Coursework (24 units), Practicum (3 units), and Capstone (6 units). Completion of three (3) practicum areas (100 hours/area): Strategies, School, and Assessment. Completion of comprehensive examination and capstone project.

Complete MA Education Courses & Curriculum

The core subjects of MA Education typically include Curriculum Development and Management and Educational Planning and Management. Students also study Trends and Issues in Education as well as Data Analytics Applied to Education.


Philosophical, Psychological, and Socio-Cultural and Legal Foundations of Education
Trends and Issues in Education (Philippines & ASEAN Countries)
Data Analytics Applied to Education
Practicum 1 – Strategies (100 Hours)
Capstone 1 – Needs Assessment and Proposal
Curriculum Development and Management
Education Resources and Instructional Technology Management
Fiscal Management in Education
Practicum 2 – School (100 Hours)
Capstone 2 – Seminar and Progress Report
Comprehensive Exam
Educational Planning and Management
Human Resources Management
Practicum 3 – Assessment (100 Hours)
Capstone 3 – Data Analysis
Capstone 4 – Thesis Writing and Presentation

MA Education Job Opportunities

Graduates of the Master of Arts in Education program have a wide range of career options available to them, including:


School Principal/Administrator School principals or administrators oversee the daily operations of educational institutions, manage staff, develop educational policies, and ensure compliance with academic standards and regulations. 50,000.00 to 100,000.00 
Educational Consultant Educational consultants provide expertise and guidance to schools, districts, or educational organizations in areas such as curriculum development, instructional strategies, assessment, and educational technology integration. 40,000.00  to 80,000.00
College/University Professor College or university professors teach courses, conduct research, and publish scholarly work in their area of expertise. They may also supervise graduate students, advise on academic matters, and participate in institutional service activities. 40,000.00 to 100,000.00
Curriculum Developer/Instructional Designer Curriculum developers or instructional designers design and create educational materials, courses, and programs to meet specific learning objectives and standards. They may work for schools, publishing companies, or educational technology firms. 40,000.00 to 70,000.00
Education Program Coordinator Education program coordinators plan, implement, and evaluate educational programs and initiatives within schools, non-profit organizations, or government agencies. 30,000.00 to 60,000.00

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