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What is a BS Biology Course? 6 Career Opportunities to Consider

Are you interested in learning how life works? Whether it’s what makes plants grow a specific way or how a virus causes the entire world to shut down, a BS biology course could be for you.

Since biology is the study of life, it has an exhaustive list of sub-disciplines, from plants (botany) and animals (zoology) to cells (molecular biology or microbiology). As captivating as it might seem, the question about the possible jobs for BS biology graduates in the Philippines can hold you back from pursuing this as a course for your undergraduate or graduate program.

The reality is that countless industries need BS biology graduates for a range of their functions. Beyond contributions to healthcare and environmental conservation, your expertise can make a meaningful impact on food safety, vaccine production, and genetic research. 

This article discusses BS biology career opportunities and what the program entails to help you decide whether this course aligns with your academic and professional aspirations.

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What is a BS Biology Course?

BS Biology in the Philippines is a four-year course that immerses students in the study of living organisms. It’s a broad program covering subjects such as botany, zoology, cell and molecular biology, and physiology. You can also expect to study disciplines such as business, economics, and communications to prepare you for careers in many industries.

What is a BS biology course made of? The Trinity University of Asia program emphasizes hands-on training through practicum and research projects, culminating in a thesis defense. 

The program touches on many disciplines because biology is important in different fields. For instance, understanding cells and biology can help healthcare professionals develop new medicines, while the same knowledge helps the agriculture sector cultivate more nutritious products. 

Why Study a BS Biology Course?

Is BS biology a good course? Since the course involves classroom, lab, and on-field sessions, you can learn biological concepts and put them into practice quickly. It helps you build effective scientific skills and conduct research projects on interesting areas of study, such as dealing with diseases, caring for animals, and helping the environment. 

You’ll learn essential biological research techniques that you can use in laboratory and field environments. Since Trinity University of Asia has a laboratory that meets industry standards, you’ll familiarize yourself with tools such as microscopes, low-speed centrifuges, 2D-electrophoresis setups, agarose gel electrophoresis, and more.

This course equips you with the knowledge and skills to excel in the dynamic field of biology. Many students enlist in the course because of the different opportunities and specializations they can pursue once they graduate. 

6 Career Opportunities for BS Biology Graduates 

The versatility of a BS Biology degree extends beyond healthcare, opening doors to more industries realizing its importance in research and compliance. 

Below are possible career opportunities for BS biology graduates in the Philippines.

1. Research and academia 

A BS biology degree is your ticket to entry into research and academia. Common career opportunities for you include being a research scientist or laboratory manager. These roles involve heavy analysis and specialized skills to understand organisms up close. 

You can also decide to pursue the career path of a professor or lecturer if you enjoy teaching. This career path can feel fulfilling since you’re in charge of preparing the next generation of biologists to find the next great scientific breakthrough. Aside from your degree, you will also need a teaching certification.

2. Healthcare sector

Unsurprisingly, the healthcare sector has a great need for BS biology graduates. The degree occupies roles such as lab technicians or pharmaceutical sales representatives. Given the relatively low satisfaction rate (29%) with healthcare in the Philippines, this presents a significant opportunity for you to make a real impact on underserved patients. 

3. Microbiologist

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As a microbiologist, you can expect to be studying how microorganisms—bacteria, fungi, and viruses, to name a few—behave to help you develop new medicines and valuable vaccines. It can be a viable career path to make an impact on your community, especially after seeing the devastating effects of COVID-19 on people worldwide. 

Becoming a registered microbiologist in the Philippines requires certification from the Philippine Academy of Microbiology

4. Health and safety officer

The microbiology discipline is also an excellent path toward being a health and safety officer. This occupation may require you to be out of the lab and into administrative offices, implementing and assessing an organization’s safety protocols. You’ll ensure the organization complies with the strict health and safety regulations to avoid penalties.

This job won’t only require your knowledge of biology but also skills in related disciplines, such as business and risk management. As a health and safety officer, you can expect to promote a culture of safety in an organization. 

5. Environmental analyst

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Contribute to the Philippine Sustainable Development Goals as an environmental analyst. Depending on the organization you find yourself in, the job entails monitoring the ecological conditions of various substances, including land, water, and air. These activities help you uncover insights about more sustainable solutions or conserve resources better. 

6. Quality control analyst

Although slightly further from the core of biology as a discipline, you can still expect to bring some of the skills you’ve learned in the four-year program as a quality control analyst. In this position, you’ll combine your background in scientific research with business knowledge to ensure a company’s products meet their quality standards.

Grow Your Future in the Right Environment 

BS biology job opportunities span as broadly as the field itself. If you’re interested in exploring how life works in its many forms, from the smallest cells to the largest animals and plants, enlisting in a BS biology program might be right. 

Trinity University of Asia provides a dedicated Bachelor of Science in Biology program to cultivate a deep understanding of life sciences for undergraduates and graduates. It equips you with the practical knowledge and skills to stand out in the continuously growing field. 

Contact us to learn what else the program has in store for you.