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8 Best Pre-Med Courses to Take in the Philippines

College is an exciting time for self-discovery and career exploration. Choosing a course is pivotal as it bridges the familiar high school environment and the unknown expanse of your future.

Beyond textbooks and lectures, college is an experience cultivating a student’s potential. It’s a time to explore different fields like healthcare and research. In the Philippines, pre-med education offers diverse courses, such as BS Biology, BS Medical Technology, and BS Pharmacy, laying the groundwork for a successful medical career.

These formative years will shape your path to a future in the medical field. This blog will help walk you through the myriad of pre-med courses in the Philippines, ensuring a solid foundation for your dreams.

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Explore the fundamental building blocks of life and navigate the cosmos within the human body with this top eight pre-med course list in the Philippines.

1. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a well-loved pre-med course in the Philippines as it provides a strong foundation in the pharmaceutical sciences. Focusing on drug interactions, pharmacology, and patient care, it saw a 62% passing rate in the April 2023 Pharmacists Licensure Examination. Graduates can pursue careers as pharmacists, work in pharmaceutical research and development, or opt for higher medical education. 

2. Medical technology

Producing 3,982 licensed medical technologists with a 73.73% passing rate, medical technology emphasizes laboratory skills and diagnostic procedures. Students acquire crucial skills for future medical studies by learning to perform medical tests and analyses. 

3. Biology

A classic choice, biology provides an in-depth exploration of life sciences, offering a comprehensive understanding of the human body and biological systems. This degree opens doors to other healthcare professions by equipping students with solid interdisciplinary skills—making it a versatile choice for aspiring medical professionals.

4. Psychology

Psychology focuses on understanding the human mind and behavior. It’s valuable for future doctors who need to comprehend patient psychology. The program fosters empathy, sharpens research and critical thinking skills, and provides versatile career options in psychiatry, counseling, or therapy.

5. Nursing

Nursing is a highly sought-after pre-med program, offering a holistic approach to patient care. The Philippines is the world’s leading producer of it, boasting over 951,105 registered nurses. The BS Nursing program encompasses health promotion, disease prevention, risk mitigation, and health recovery. 

Graduates often pursue careers as registered nurses, nurse practitioners, or nurse educators, offering diverse employment prospects across various healthcare settings.

6. Radiology

This degree centers on medical imaging, teaching students to become experts in diagnostic imaging techniques, capturing clear and precise images for disease diagnosis and patient care.

This dynamic field offers diverse specializations, including radiography, MRI, and CT scans. Radiologic technologists interact closely with patients, ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the imaging process

7. Nutrition and dietetics

Nutritionists offer insightful advice on how particular foods and dietary practices can affect a person’s physical and mental health. They find employment in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, cafeterias, and local government offices.

8. Physical therapy

Focused on rehabilitating individuals with physical limitations, this course offers hands-on experience. Collaborating with healthcare professionals, students will design comprehensive treatment plans.

Graduates contribute to recovery and preventive healthcare, educating patients on injury prevention and well-being. The patient-centered approach and potential for specialization make it a valuable choice for those aspiring to a medical career.                                                            

Tips for Choosing the Right Pre-Med Course

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Navigating the choice of a pre-med course can be daunting, but these tips will guide you in selecting the course that aligns with your medical career aspirations.

  • Consider your interests and strengths

Choosing a college course is a big decision that entails many weighing options. A 2021 survey said around 40% of students regret their choice of major—emphasizing the need to properly discern a course suited for applicants. 

Identify subjects that genuinely captivate you and align with your strengths. Opting for a pre-med course that resonates with your passion can keep you engaged and motivated throughout your academic journey.

  • Research accreditation and reputation

Say you know the course you want to take up. The question is, is it any good? You must ensure that the pre-med program and the institution you’re eyeing are accredited and have a solid reputation. Accreditation guarantees a high-standard curriculum, while a reputable institution offers valuable networking and career opportunities.

  • Evaluate your long-term goals

Consider your goals after college, especially your pursuit of a medical degree. Different pre-med courses may better prepare you for specific specialties. Aligning your course with your long-term goals ensures you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

  • Explore curriculum and prerequisites

Examine the course’s curriculum in detail. Make sure it covers the required prerequisites for medical school or your intended profession. A well-structured program should provide a strong foundation for your future studies.

  • Seek guidance from advisors

It’s tough to do things alone, more so if you’re making choices that would affect your future. Make sure to reach out to adults, like your parents, relatives, academic advisors, and experienced professionals, who can offer valuable insights into the best pre-med courses based on their expertise and real-world experience.

group of medical studentsChart Your Path to Pre-Med Success

The road to becoming a medical professional isn’t one-size-fits-all. Knowing what you want to be after college is a big question mark for most, but knowing what the pre-med courses to take can help lead you to your dream.

In this stage of your life, you’re ready to take on a big decision that will make or break your future. As such, it’s important to choose an institution that stands as a testament to excellent education. Trinity University of Asia offers a range of pre-med courses designed to ignite your passion and empower your dreams.

Interested in our list of pre-med courses available? Contact us today and take the next step toward your future!