JHS (Grades 7-10)

Mission – The High School is committed to achieve excellence in preparing our students for lifetime learning by equipping them with practical and cognitive skills nurtured by Christian values.

Vision – The High School envisions our students as God-centered, responsible young citizens, creative and critical thinkers, motivated by the desire to learn and excel in their participation and service to their families, school and the community.


The High School is a four-year program which aims to prepare students for their future roles in life. Specifically, it aims to:

  • Prepare the students for college and higher educational pursuits.
  • Equip the students with knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for productive work and gainful employment.
  • Provide opportunities for developing special talents and interests that would enrich lives.
  • Awaken in the students their sensitivity for the needs and feelings of others so that they will be of service to the less fortunate and the needy.
  • Prepare the students to take their place in society as citizens dedicated to the Christian way of life and service.

Scholarships & Privileges

  • Valedictorians of elementary schools are given full tuition scholarships (100%) for the first year.  Salutatorians are given 50% scholarship.
  • Poor but deserving students may qualify for scholarships under the Alumni Scholarship Grants.
  • Outstanding students who top the academic year level are granted 50% tuition scholarship and 25% scholarship for students who rank 2nd.
  • Government scholarships thru the Educational Voucher System (EVS) and Educational Service Contracting (ESC) are also given to deserving students.
  • Qualified students may enjoy the privilege of a Free Two-Week  visit to Japan and South Korea under the Student Exchange Program with:
    • St. Margaret’s School in Tokyo, Japan
    • Yeongdong Internet High School in South Korea