Brief Description of the Department

The Department existed simultaneously with the College of Arts and Sciences now called the College of Arts, Sciences and Education. It used to offer AB English and AB Theology.

The Department of Languages and Human Studies (LaCHS) of the College of Arts, Sciences and Education (CASE) located at the Lyman Ogilby Building services not only CASE but all the colleges in the university. It is responsible for the General Education Core subjects, Foreign Languages like Mandarin, Nihongo, French, German and English and Filipino for International students.

First and Second year General Core subjects are handled by competent and seasoned faculty members who are mostly CHED Trainors.


The Department of Languages and Contemporary Human Studies is a recognized prime center that envisions undergraduate students that stand for excellence and innovation and renders quality education for a remarkable foundation of individuals.


 As a Department dedicated to advancing the knowledge  for the General Education of the students of Trinity University of Asia, we pursue knowledge inspired by the values of a Christian Community. We assist in the formation of a competent, innovative and responsible future citizens and leaders through our commitment for excellent learning and service.



LaCHS offers subjects from the Old Curriculum such as: English 101, English 102, English 103, English 104, Literature 101, Literature 102, Sociology, Political Science and the General Education Core Subjects mandated by CHED like: Purposive Communication, Art Appreciation, Ethics, Readings in Philippine History, Life and Works of Rizal. We also offer Foreign Languages like Mandarin, Nihongo, German, French and Intensive English and Filipino for International Students.

The department has no particular program but we assist the BSE English majors with their Major subjects. Our English majors who took the LET have always been 100% passing as well as all the other courses that we render service. We share the credit of success due to the competence and excellent service rendered by our outstanding faculty members in honing and developing the students through the General Education subjects.


The department is a no degree program. It offers General Education Core subjects required for First and Second year students like Art Appreciation, Ethics, Readings in Philippine History, Life and Works of Rizal, Filipino for Foreign, Intensive English for International students, Mandarin 1 and 2, Nihongo, German and French.


The department offers Intensive English for both local and international students and Intensive Filipino for International Students. Oral and Pre/Post Diagnostic Examinations are administered to foreign students. Trainings and Seminar-Workshops are held at least twice a year for students in English 103 (Oral Communication) and other related subjects on English Proficiency for the Workplace facilitated by experts or well-trained speakers in the field. We also have Cultural Immersion and Nurturance where International students are adopted by Filipino families not only to commune and learn about Filipino hospitality, but also to practice communicating in English. We believe that through these significant activities, our students acquire the knowledge and skills that will facilitate and equip them to readily cope with the global trends in the changing environment.



DESIGNATION: Department Head
E-mail Address:
Land Line:  8702 2882 local 313



Prof. Ahleli A. Ayos

  • BSE Filipino (TCQC, now TUA)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching Filipino (PNU)
  • Ph. D in Filipino- Panitikan – in progress (UP Diliman)
  • LET Passer

    Subjects Taught

  • Filipino for Foreigners, Life and Works of Rizal, Readings in Philippine


Dr. Teresita K. Capacete

  • BSE English – UST
  • MA in English – (Thesis Writing), UST
  • MA in Education – TUA
  • Doctor of Education – TUA
  • PBET Passer
  • CHED- GEC- Trainor- Art Appreciation

    Subjects Taught

  • Art Appreciation, Literature, English 102, Life and Works of Rizal,
  • Major subjects (English and Literature), Intensive English


Prof. Caleb Donne Coniate

  • Manager, Global Education and Industry Relations Office
  • Bachelor of Arts – English Language
  • Master of Arts, Language Studies and Instruction
  • Ed. D – on going
  • CHED- GEC- Trainor- Purposive Communication

     Subjects Taught

  • Purposive Communication, Contemporary World, Literature,
  • English 103, English 104, Intensive English


Prof. Dennis Paul P. Guevarra

  • AB in Theology (Far East Bible Institue and Seminary)
  • MA in Philosophy (UP Diliman)
  • Ph. D in Theology – Hon. (Northwestern Christian University, Florida, USA)
  • Ph. D in Philippine Studies – Cand. (UP Diliman)
  • CHED- GEC- Trainor- Ethics
  • Visiting Scholar, Chung Chi Divinity School, Hongkong

     Subjects Taught

  • Ethics, Political Science, Contemporary World, Readings in Philippine
  • History, Sociology and Literary Criticism


Prof. Aislinn Hinanay

  • BSE Filipino (TCQC, now TUA)
  • MA in Teaching Literature- Filipino Stream (PNU)
  • Ph. D – Panitikan (earned units, UP Diliman)
  • CHED- GEC Trainor – Malayuning Komunikasyon
  • Japanese Language Scholar- KOBE International University, Japan

     Subjects Taught

  • Filipino for Foreign, Literature, Life and Works of Rizal, Nihongo 1 & 2


Prof. Gracia DG. Sarao

  • BSE Communication Arts (PLM)
  • MA in Educational Administration- Thesis Writing- (PLM)
  • MA in Teaching English Language Arts (PNU)
  • Ph. D in English Language Studies – (UST)- Dissertation
  • LET Passer
  • CHED –GEC- Trainor- Contemporary World
  • Exchange Program- St. Margaret’s School, Tokyo

     Subjects Taught

  • English 101, English 104, Literature, Purposive Communication,
  • Readings in Philippine History, Life & Works of Rizal,
  • Major subjects(English and Literature)



Prof. Rommel A. Agbayani

  • BS Psychology
  • MA in Industrial Psychology
  • Ph. D Industrial Psychology – Dissertation

   Subjects Taught

  • Contemporary World, Ethics, Readings in Philippine History,
  • Life & Works of Rizal


Prof. Teresa Agnes Aranzamendez

  • BSC Management
  • MA Education, Communication Disorders
  • Government Licenses:
  • Real Estate Broker – PRC-2011
  • Real Estate Appraiser- PRC- 2-13
  • Professional Teacher- PRC- 2020
  • Bachelor of Arts in European Languages

    Subjects Taught



Miss Ho- Ting Chang

  • Mandarin Instructress
  • BA in Department of Chinese Language and Literature

    Subjects Taught

  • Mandarin 1&2


Dr. Mary Bernardine Rizalina G. Cornel

  • BSE – School Guidance and Character Education
  • Master of Arts in Religious Studies (15 units)
  • Master of Education in Special Education
  • Doctor of Education – Educational Management
  • Alliance Francaise De Manille Certicification
  • LET Passer
  • Caregiver Professor

    Subjects Taught



Miss Lualhati Domingo

  • BSE Filipino ( with Music Education units)
  • Licentiate in Theology
  • Master of Arts of Divinity – in progress

    Subjects Taught

  • NSTP, Filipino 1 & 2, Life & Works of Rizal, Christian Education,
  • Art Appreciation, Ethics


Prof. Leticia C. Eslabra

  • BS Nursing
  • Registered Nurse
  • MA in Nursing
  • BS Food Technology
  • Ph. D in Nursing
  • Doctor of Education – in progress
  • Japan Foundation – certification

    Subjects Taught

  • Nihongo 1 & 2, NSTP


Prof. Mariluz Divina S. Gaco

  • AB English
  • MAED –Major in Administration and Supervision
  • LET Passer

    Subjects Taught

  • English 104, Life & Works of Rizal, Readings in Philippine
  • History, Major Subjects (English and Literature)


Prof. Blaise Rogel C. Gacoscos

  • B A Comparative Literature
  • Master of Arts in Creative Writing

    Subjects Taught

  • English 101, Life & Works of Rizal, Readings in Philippine
  • History, Literature 101, Intensive English


Miss Jen Ray Y. Liang

  • BS Computer Science
  • MS Computational Finance – in progress
  • TOCFL Level 5

    Subjects Taught

  • Mandarin 1&2


Prof. Maria Linda C. Menegon

  • AB Communication Arts
  • MA Ed English as a Second Language
  • LET Passer
  • Senior High Coordinator

    Subjects Taught

  • English 101, English 102, Readings in Philippine History, Major subjects (English and Literature)


Dr. Adelina A. Sebastian

  • BSE History/ Filipino
  • Special Studies- Ateneo Summer Institute for Social Action
  • MAEd- Administration and Supervision
  • Ph. D –Educational Management Curriculum Writer ( DepED)
  • Consultant for Education, Office of the Mayor, Quezon City
  • LET Passer

    Subjects Taught

  • Filipino, Readings in Philippine History, Sociology, Political Science


Miss Rei- Ann C. Shu

  • BSE Teaching Chinese Language
  • MA Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language- on going

    Subjects Taught

  • Mandarin 1&2


Prof. Weihsu ( Chagall) Wang

  • BA Chinese Language and Literature
  • MA Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Foreign Language
  • National Teacher’s Certificate of Middle and High School awarded by Education Ministry, Taiwan No 9500790
  • Ministry of Education Certificate of Proficiency as a Second Foreign Langugae No. E0960163
  • Certificate of Completion by the College for Teachers of Chinese , Beijing
  • Language and Culture University No. JX 1001809A
  • Beijing Language and Culture University Teaching Proficiency Certificate of
  • Teaching Chinese as a Second Language No. TP 100427
  • Certificate of Completion by the School of Chinese as a Second Language,
  • Peking University No. 2014-044091

    Subjects Taught

  • Mandarin 1 & 2


This non-credit course offers ways of improving foreign students’ competency and grasp of English as an international language for communication. The study primarily focuses on developing the speaking and writing skill of students in English. Emphasis would be on the importance of these two macro-skills so that students can accurately construct English sentences without any flaw and hesitation. This course highlights a communicative-based approach of teaching English so students can apply in actual situations.


Matrix Topic/s
Week 1 Orientation and Assessment
Week 2 Module 1: Hello and Goodbye

–          Meeting a Stranger

–          Building Vocabulary

Module 2: Names

–          Saying Names in English

–          Grammar Be: I, You and We

Week 3 Module 3: Personal Information 

–          Numbers

–          Grammar: What’s and It’s

Module 4: Are You Here for the Concert?

–          Formal and Informal Conversations

Immersion: Interviewing a Filipino Student

Week 4 Module 5: Making Friends

Module 6: What’s in Your Bag?

–          This and these

–          Plural nouns

Immersion: Visiting a Class

Week 5 Module 7: In the Classroom

–          There is and There are

Module 8: How Do You Spell It?

–          Saying Thank you and you’re welcome

Immersion: Buying and Ordering Items and Foods

Week 6 Module 9: Celebrities

–          Possessive Adjectives

–          My Favorite…

Module 10: People We Know

Immersion: Tour in Manila (Part 1)

Week 7 Module 11: What Did I Say?

–          Listening for Details  

Module 12: Where is This?

–          Listening for Directions

Immersion: Tour in Manila (Part 2)

Week 8 Module 13: Favorite Book

–          Assessment of Reading Skills

–          Reading to Get the Main Idea

–          Reading to Get the Specific Information

Immersion: Visiting a Book Store

Week 9 Module 14: Where Are We Now?

–          Reading Visual Texts

Immersion: Visiting a Museum

Week 10 Module 15: I Want to Know More About You

–          Assessment of Writing Skills

–          Writing an Essay about Yourself

Week 11 Module 16: Immersion with a student buddy outside Trinity University of Asia
Week 12 Immersion: Visiting a Shopping Mall
Week 13 Immersion: Immersion with a Student Buddy, together with his/ her family
Week 14 Speech Delivery ( Memorized Speech)
Week 15 Writing a Reflective Essay


There is a Speech Laboratory housed at the Ogilby Building (CASE, Room 111) which is an audio visual room where students practice their speaking, acting, or any related activity.

There is a designated Intensive Language Room located at CASE Room 119 for one-on-one or small classes for intensive courses.


Aside from the service courses provided to other units, LaCHS offers Intensive English. Diagnostic test, oral and written, are administered to applicants to assess and classify their level of proficiency: Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced. The jumpstart is the classification of the level of student’s proficiency.

A major service rendered by the department is a two consecutive year of handling Intensive English to CJCU 23 Taiwanese students, free of charge for 5 months.

We also wielded an Intensive English program to 11 Doctor in Nursing Management students of TUA Graduate School from Ho Chi Minh for four (4) consecutive semesters. They graduated in June 2019.


For the Local and International Linkages, the department intends to market BSE English to nearby feeder schools of Trinity University of Asia to help increase enrollees in the Department of Education.

In the International aspect, our professional Vietnamese students from the Graduate School had already graduated. Our next target would be to revive the interest of Turkish students in taking BSE major in English. There were several of them before but as of now, no more enrollees among them.

We are planning to visit their Academy at Greenhills to convince them to enroll to us again.


The Department conducts a Teaching Caravan bringing English Faculty outside Metro Manila to conduct seminars and workshops for FREE on New Trends/Approaches/ Strategies and Styles to interested schools. We have rendered our services as our outreach to the following institutions: Mt. Carmel School, Baler, St. Alfonsus Liguori Integrated School in Cavite and St. Vincent Integrated School in Quezon City and our very own Trinity University of Asia Basic Education.

  • Community Outreach for Preschool Education (COPE)
    Brgy. Tatalon, Quezon City


Achievement of LaCHS is shared particularly with the successes of our English majors in the Department of Education. We have graduated a Summa Cum Laude in 2019 and Magna Cum Laudes and Cum Laudes throughout who excel in their chosen fields of work.

English majors who took the LET have demonstrated their intelligence and competence for always obtaining a 100% passing in the board examinations.