Research Agenda

  1.  Link research with practice.
  2. Build and enhance the research capability of the University through human and physical resource development as a way of creating an environment that fosters research.
  3. Establish linkages between/among families, schools, community groups and the corporate world.
  4. Develop a re-orientation in beliefs that education is a community-wide rather than a school-based activity.

A.    Research Thrust and Priorities:  (URDC Research Manual)

  1.  Program/Curriculum Enhancement
  2. Institution-Building
  3. Health and Health-Related Researches (including alternative medicine)
  4. Integrative Theories, Models or Philosophy
  5. Teacher Education
  6. Policy-oriented Studies
  7. Christian Education, Values and other Related Advocacies
  8. Business and Industry
  9. Intercultural Studies
  10. Service-learning
  11. Peace and Security
  12. People Empowerment

Note:  From  URDC Research Manual

B.     Research Priorities from NEHRA 2  2009-2018

  1.  Basic research to generate new knowledge and advance the frontiers in the various disciplines
  2. Research in aid of policy/plan formulation and implementation particularly in education
  3. Research aimed at producing/adapting education technologies and developing education programs in cutting edge fields such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, ICT, materials science, etc.
  4. R & D in aid of national/regional development

Priority Areas in Education and Education Management

  1.  Program/Curricular Studies on Higher Education
  2. Policy Oriented Studies
    1. Financing of higher education; cost sharing in higher education
    2. Economics of higher education
    3. Governance and management of higher education
    4. Accreditation and other quality assurance mechanisms
    5. Rationalization of higher education
    6. Internationalization of higher education
    7. Access and equity measures
    8. Student financing models
    9. Research on Quality and Standards in the context of
      1.  International rankings and global benchmarding
      2. Quality Assurance Systems
      3. Equivalency
      4. Redefining Classifications of HEIs
      5. Technology and Education
      6. Model Building Studies
      7. Institutional Development Studies
      8. Graduate Tracer Studies

Priority Themes for Multidisciplinary/Multisectoral Research

  1. Food Safety and Security
  2. Enhancing Indigenous Renewable Energy Source in the Domestic Energy Mix
  3. Development of Vaccines and Diagnostic Kits using Indigenous Materials
  4. Disaster Risk Management
  5. Pollution Control
  6. Climate Change specifically on the Issue of Global warming
  7. Future ASEAN
  8. Peace Process and Conflict Resolution

C.    Research Priorities from NUHRA 2011-2016

  1. Diagnostics
  2. Genomic Molecular Technology
  3. Drug Discovery and Development
  4. Functional Foods
  5. Hospital Equipment and Biomedical Devices
  6. Information and Communication Technology for Health
  7. Financial Risk Protection
  8. Improving Access to quality Hospital and Health Care Facilities
  9. Improving Provisions of Public Health Services
  10. Environmental and Climate Change
  11. Health Social Sciences