The University Research and Development Center (URDC) formulates and implements effective mechanisms for planning, directing, supervising, financing, monitoring, disseminating, and assessing research and development activities of the University. It is also geared towards the establishment of linkages and the promotion of collaborative research activities with research-based and other academic institutions.

It develops a pool of faculty researchers and research specialists by providing them with a continuing program of upgrading human resource capabilities in research through effective training programs and attractive incentives to researchers. It also develops and implements guidelines that shall ensure the nurturance of a strong research culture in the University, and generates quality research outputs for utilization of the academe and the community.


A strong and dynamic research culture which is highly responsive in effecting quality Christian education and service through an enhanced discovery of knowledge.


Adopt a holistic approach in providing an efficient and effective exercise of research anchored on the following elements: Christian-based and interdisciplinary in approach, development oriented, innovative, and Filipino in character yet global in perspective.


BugnalenDR. MARIA ANTONIA C. CAPILI – Director
Contact Information: 7022882 loc. 632
Office Location: 3rd Floor, Anne Keim Barsam Hall