TUA Learning Cloud


TUA Learning Cloud and its Transformative Learning Connections


Our Priorities

– We value Your Education
– We care for You and Your Safety
– We believe that “no student should be left behind”

TLC: Trinity Learning Cloud and its Transformative Learning Connections


What is the TUA Learning Cloud (TLC)?

Trinity Learning Cloud (TLC) is …

  • an online learning management system where students CAN “attend classes” from the safety of their homes
  • a system that allows for equivalent alternatives to classroom learning
    • “synchronously” – where they can interact with their teachers and classmates online in a virtual classroom simultaneously
    • “asynchronously” – where they can receive their lessons from an online module working at their own pace
  • a SAFE virtual platform which minimizes physical contact as well as avoid possible transmission of disease, and where they can:
    • get lesson information and announcements
    • watch video lessons and post questions
    • download lessons and learning resources,
    • access assignments, exercises, experiments and relevant educational games,
    • turn in reports, and projects
    • take quizzes and exams
    • get feedback on “class performance”
    • participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
    • and most importantly interact with faculty, classmates either in groups or individually
  • a vehicle for Flexible Learning Options

   providing continued learning

  • whether you have strong or limited internet connectivity
  • with whatever gadgets you have or not
  • in spite of any handicaps
  • as long as you are focused, and willing to learn

How will the Teachers or Professors deliver the lessons in the TLC?

Through Modules prepared and reformatted by Faculty to fit various circumstances after
a series of in-house trainings and planning sessions, which is characterized by being –

I. Modular with many learning options and opportunities

TLC contains modules as the lessons and delivered through Flexible Learning Options (FLOS)
Students will be able to access their lessons in different ways depending on their current needs and situations

    • With a computer/laptop/tablet + good connectivity (pocket wifi) = online classes, synchronously or asynchronously through eLearning (FLO E1 or E2)
    • With phone + pocket wifi = online classes, synchronously or asynchronous through eLearning (FLO E1, E2, E3 or E4)
    • With limited connectivity whether with gadgets or alternatively using phone with pocket wifi = online classes through modular instruction synchronously or asynchronously through eLearning (FLO E3 or E4)
    • With no connectivity or pocket wifi not working in the locale but with gadgets (computer/laptop/tablet) = soft copy modular instruction (FLO M1) through regular pick-up or delivery of lessons (note: students need to provide USB, and arrange for pick-up or delivery of USB)
    • With problems with gadgets (no laptop/computer/tablet) = hard copy modular instruction (FLO M2) through request from faculty a printed copy that can be picked-up or delivered (note: students need to arrange for pick-up or delivery expenses)

II. Modules designed to respond to students’ wholistic needs

  • Considers the variable circumstances and learning modalities of the student
  • With Available varied forms of activities and learning resources to stimulate learning
  • Provides Social engagement and connection with the student
  • With planned sessions and maximizes time of student and appropriate time allotments