Aklang: Trinity University of Asia’s Symbol of Prestige and Honor

Aklang, the TUA academic stole, stands as an emblem of prestige and honor.
Trinity University of Asia (TUA) is proud to introduce Aklang, a symbol steeped in tradition and symbolism that embodies prestige and honor. Inspired by Philippine culture and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Aklang marks a significant milestone in TUA’s history as it becomes the university’s first-ever symbol of academic achievement and excellence.
As Trinity University of Asia continues its commitment to academic excellence and tradition, Aklang stands as a symbol of prestige and honor for generations of graduates to come. It is a testament to the values and principles that define TUA and serves as a reminder of the incredible achievements of its graduates. Get ready to wear your Trinitian pride with honor!

AKLANG, an archaic term from the Northern Philippines, refers to any garment draped over one’s shoulder, akin to a coat, anchoring to the wearer. It seeks to symbolize a lasting connection to the prestige and honor bestowed by Trinity University of Asia. Inspired by Philippine traditional weavers and the geometric designs prevalent in the indigenous groups where the Episcopal missions thrived, the Aklang boasts a central pattern complemented by eight rows of diverse colors representing TUA’s eight academic units. As you, the graduates, don the Aklang, you demonstrate the skills and wisdom cultivated through your journey at TUA—culminating in a recognition of excellence and learning, of tradition and innovation, of leadership and compassion, of truth and action. May the Aklang serve as a reminder of the enduring Trinitian values and Trinitian experiences acquired throughout your academic pursuit.

The intricate detailing and precise craftsmanship of the Aklang symbolize EXCELLENCE. This attention to detail signifies our commitment to achieving the highest standards and serves as a reminder to strive for outstanding accomplishments in all endeavors.

INTEGRITY lies at the heart of the Aklang. Symbolized by the straight lines forming its background, these lines signify our unwavering dedication to truth, honesty, and ethical conduct.

The woven fabric echoes the spirit of TEAMWORK. It serves as a testament to the collective effort of our community working together to achieve our common goals and aspirations.

INNOVATION is inherent in the Aklang’s design, represented by the triangular patterns reminiscent of forward-thinking creativity. As it pushes the boundaries of traditional design, may you seek new ways to inspire lifelong learning.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY is echoed by the rich tradition of Philippine artistry. It seeks to remind you of your duty to give back to society. You are encouraged to leverage your education to make a positive impact in your communities and beyond.

Occasions for Wearing: The Aklang is a symbol of academic achievement and should be worn proudly during significant university events such as graduation ceremonies, academic convocations, and other official gatherings where academic regalia is appropriate.

Proper Placement: The Aklang should be worn around the neck, draping evenly down the front of the academic gown or corporate attire. Ensure that both ends of the stole are of equal length, with the stole resting on the shoulders.

Avoid Misuse: Refrain from using the Aklang for purposes other than its intended function, such as decorative purposes or non-academic events. Do not alter the stole in any way, including cutting, sewing, or adding embellishments, as this compromises its authenticity andsignificance.

Symbolic Reflection: Recognize the significance of wearing the Aklang as a representation of your academic journey and the core values of excellence, integrity, teamwork, innovation, and social responsibility upheld by TUA. Embrace the symbolism as a reminder of your dedication to learning and making an impact in your community.

Types of Aklang and Accompanying Attire:

GREEN STOLE: This stole is designed only for college, master’s and doctorate graduates. It should be worn over the black academic toga or a black to gray corporate attire.

YELLOW STOLE: Reserved for Senior High School graduates, this stole should also be worn over the black or green academic toga or a black to gray corporate attire.

WHITE STOLE: TUA Junior High School graduates should wear the white stole over the black academic toga or a black to gray corporate attire.

Aklang will be available at a minimal price of P1,700.
Payment Location: Cashier at the Finance and Accounting Office Payment
Deadline for College and Graduate School: May 25, 2024
Deadline for Junior and Senior High School: June 15, 2024

After payment, present your receipts at the TUA Bookstore to collect your Aklangs.

Proceeds from the sale will support the traditional local community of weavers from the Northern Philippines.