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7 Reasons to Choose BS Psychology in the Philippines

Life is all about choices, and one of the first significant decisions you’ll face is deciding on the degree you’ll major in college. However, with so many options, how can you be expected to pick one? Among the many options, BS Psychology can be a compelling choice.

But what is the BS Psychology course? What do you learn there?

BS Psychology equips you with versatile knowledge, skills, and attitudes to learn about and explore human behaviors and mental processes. This course is a dynamic blend of theoretical insights and practical applications, finely tuned to address both societal challenges and personal growth.

The course prepares you for diverse fields, such as counseling, human resources, education, and more. You can also personally benefit from a deeper understanding of the human psyche. Understanding how the mind functions can help you make better, healthier decisions for yourself and your future.

Why Choose BS Psychology in the Philippines? 7 Reasons

Choosing BS Psychology in the Philippines opens doors to many unique opportunities and personal growth. Here’s why it’s a path worth considering:

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1. Holistic curriculum

The reasoning behind human behavior and mental processes is extraordinarily complex and intricate, so the understanding of it requires an equally varied set of subjects. However, as opposed to a BA Psychology degree, you receive much more specialized knowledge.

The curriculum of BS Psychology covers many topics to adequately encapsulate the human mind. You can expect courses on psychology, practical applications, and research. Students engage in theoretical and practical exercises, case studies, and internships to apply what they learn in real-world contexts to prepare them for a career related to the field.

2. Research opportunities

The field of psychology thrives on research and evidence-based practices. For example, one recent psychological discovery mapped the chemical interactions in the brain during fear responses without a present threat—the main symptom in patients with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

BS Psychology programs in the Philippines offer opportunities for students to undergo research projects under the guidance of experienced faculty members. These experiences foster critical thinking and analytical skills essential for academic and professional success.

3. Preparation for further education

For those aspiring to advance their degrees in psychology or related fields, a BS Psychology degree is a solid foundation. If you’re aiming for a master’s or doctoral program, you’re equipped with the requisite knowledge and experience. You can excel in higher education and make meaningful contributions to the field through research or practice.

4. Opportunities for personal development

Pursuing a BS in Psychology isn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it can also be a transformative journey of self-discovery. Through rigorous coursework and hands-on experience, students cultivate essential qualities like empathy, self-awareness, and resilience.

These attributes are invaluable not only in professional settings but also in the complexities of personal relationships and life challenges.

5. Contribution to mental health awareness

Mental health still bears a stigma in the Philippines, preventing people from seeking the help they deserve. However, you can be a part of the effort to remove that blemish. BS Psychology graduates are crucial for advocating for mental health issues and providing support to individuals in need.

Through their coursework, they gain an understanding of these conditions and the capacity to destigmatize mental health in Filipino society. They can participate in community outreach programs, counseling services, and awareness campaigns.

6. Diverse career opportunities

Psychology is one of the most diverse and universally applicable fields because every profession deals with other people. The diverse interests and skill set you gain from the course open many career paths.

Guidance counseling is a popular option, with a reported average salary of around Php 24,500 per month. If you want to bring your skills to an office setting, a human resource officer is a position with tasks suited to your skills. They earn around Php 31,800 per month.

For psychology students who want to pursue an advanced degree, psychiatry is a great choice. Monthly salaries reach as much as six figures.

7. Versatility across industries

The skills acquired through a BS Psychology degree are highly transferrable across various industries. Beyond traditional psychology roles, graduates find opportunities in fields such as marketing, human resources, and social services.

The ability to understand human behavior and motivations is invaluable in almost any professional setting, making BS Psychology graduates versatile and sought-after assets in the job market.

psychologist woman talking and making notes to seek advice and problemsA Kaleidoscope of Possibilities through BS Psychology

As you stand at the threshold of your academic experience, the choice of a major holds the weight of your aspirations and dreams. Among the many paths before you, BS Psychology offers many enticing benefits.

The course intertwines professional fulfillment with personal growth. And, perhaps most importantly, the opportunity to help others destigmatize mental health and receive the healing they need.

We highly recommend the thrilling opportunities and impactful insights you can learn from a BS Psychology course in the Philippines, particularly those at Trinity University of Asia.

Here, we offer an environment of academic excellence and holistic development. You’ll find the nurturing grounds to cultivate your passion for psychology and carve your unique path to a fulfilling career and purpose-driven life. Contact us today to explore the enriching opportunities that await you.