Dean Ho welcomes CASE Students


Welcome to the Family, and to the Community of Trinity University of Asia (TUA), and the College of Arts, Sciences and Education (CASE).

We had a historical and unprecedented experience in the early part of 2020 with the phreatomagmatic eruption of Taal volcano , and the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.

I am sure that the second part of 2020 would not be less eventful with the launching of the TUA learning Cloud (TLC) and the shift to Flexible Learning Options (FLO) to better serve the diversity of student needs for relevant quality education.

Together we shall face the challenges before us. Always Stay Safe and never leave anyone behind. Remember that nothing is worth experiencing without OUR family , This is our Time, our Voice &, our Future.

In behalf of the CASE faculty and staff, in One Heart, One Mind, and One Soul.

Dr. Howell Ho
Dean, College of Arts Sciences and Education