TUA CHTM Marks Second Partnership with the Department of Tourism

In a significant display of commitment to excellence and hospitality, Trinity University of Asia’s College of Hospitality and Tourism Management (CHTM) celebrated its second-year partnership with the Department of Tourism (DOT) through the Filipino Brand of Service Excellence (FBSE) Training held at the Sinulog Lounge on May 7, 2024.

The event, graced by distinguished speakers Mr. Charlie Garcia, Mr. Orly Ballesteros, and Ms. Kristel Anne Gad from the Department of Tourism, drew the participation of 67 graduating students and 3 faculty members from TUA’s CHTM.

FBSE, deeply rooted in Filipino culture, aims to cultivate unforgettable experiences for visitors by embodying the warmth and generosity inherent in the Filipino spirit. Throughout the event, speakers shared valuable insights into the essence of hospitality that inspired attendees to uphold these values in their future careers.

This occasion not only highlighted TUA CHTM’s dedication to excellence in tourism education but also its commitment to industry collaboration. The event served as a significant milestone in the ongoing partnership between TUA CHTM and the Department of Tourism that symbolizes a shared vision for the development of future leaders in the hospitality sector.

As participants eagerly await their national certificates from the Department of Tourism, the FBSE event stands as a reminder of the importance of hospitality in shaping memorable experiences for visitors. As TUA CHTM embarks on another year of partnership with the Department of Tourism, the future of Filipino hospitality shines bright.