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Top 6 ABM Strand Courses to Choose in College

Many expect senior high school students to already know the degree program they wish to take in college. This decision can be daunting, so we don’t blame you if you’re still undecided, but we can help you understand what to pursue.

Are you taking Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) in senior high school? Numerous ABM strand courses in business, economics, and management are among the most profitable industries worldwide. To help you decide which suits you best, let’s explore some in-demand courses under the ABM strand in the Philippines.


Top 6 Courses in the ABM Strand

Check out this ABM strand courses list to identify which college programs offer opportunities that fit your skills and career goals.

1. Accountancy

A Bachelor of Science in Accounting is ideal for ABM graduates with a knack for crunching numbers and meticulous attention to detail. Throughout this course, you’ll gain a deep understanding of financial accounting, auditing, taxation, corporate finance, and financial regulations.

After graduating and passing the licensure exam, you can become one of the Philippines’ 200,000 certified public accountants (CPA). You’ll also have a better shot at working as a financial analyst, auditor, or corporate accountant, all of which have lucrative trajectories locally and abroad.

2. Business administration

A BS in Business Administration is an all-encompassing program preparing you for leadership roles in the corporate world. It covers many business disciplines, from management and operations to marketing and finance.

When you graduate, you can work as a marketing executive or a business manager or even use your knowledge to become an entrepreneur and start your own venture! If you want to learn more about this field, you could also take a Masters in Business Administration.

3. Real estate management

Do you want to dip your toes in real estate? A BS in Real Estate Management provides a comprehensive understanding of property valuation, market analysis, and property law. Here, you’ll acquire the skills you need to excel in the highly lucrative real estate industry.

You may then pursue careers in real estate agencies, government offices, and property development giants. More specifically, you’ll facilitate high-value property transactions, helping investors maximize their ROIs.

4. Management

If you want a more general leadership course, consider taking a degree in management. This program prepares you for industrial and organizational leadership through in-depth classes in management principles, organizational behavior, and business planning.

After completing your degree, you can work as an operations manager or a consultant. You also have the opportunity to lead multinational teams in large conglomerates or launch your own business! For further studies, you may also obtain a Masters in Management.

5. Public administration

Is the public office calling you? A degree program in public administration is ideal for ABM graduates who are passionate about driving meaningful change through effective governance and public policy. It delves into public sector management, public finance, and policy analysis.

This program’s focus on public service and social responsibility makes it unique. Here, you gain the values you need to become an effective agent of change locally and abroad in the public or private sectors.

6. Economics

If you’re interested in larger-scale financial environments, this course is for you. Economics comprehensively explores economic theories, principles, and policies to hone your understanding of how societies allocate resources and make financial decisions affecting entire communities and countries.

A degree in economics lets you launch a career in banking, finance, and consulting. You could also take a shot at public office or non-profit organizations to help change the world for the better!

FAQs about ABM Strand Courses

Got burning questions about the ABM strand and its future career prospects? Let’s answer some of them below.

1. Is ABM the best choice?

Yes, ABM is the best choice for business, finance, and management students. However, it isn’t exclusive—those specializing in other disciplines, like science, technology, and art, can also flourish in this strand.

2. What are the future jobs for ABM students?

ABM students typically become accountants, financial analysts, business managers and executives, economists, marketers, entrepreneurs, and public officials. Some also use their knowledge to launch their own businesses.

3. What are the highest-paying ABM jobs?

The highest-paying jobs under ABM are project managers, financial analysts, and accountants. That said, profitability mostly depends on your experience and employer, so focus on improving your skills and making yourself attractive to high-paying companies.

4. Do you need to be good at math in ABM?

While being good at math is beneficial in ABM, it isn’t a requirement. The strand features basic mathematics, statistics, and accounting classes, which can help you learn more about numbers as you progress through senior high school.

5. Should I take ABM or STEM?

ABM is ideal for students passionate about business, finance, and management, while STEM is better suited for those interested in science, engineering, and math. Both have overlapping career prospects, but consider your skills and long-term goals when making this decision.

Realize Your Goals in ABM

When looking through college programs you may take, consider the endless opportunities awaiting you in ABM. It offers a pathway to personal and professional growth by equipping you with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in some of the most rewarding industries worldwide, helping you realize your dreams with every number and policy you crunch.

Choosing a school that will assist you in reaching your goals is also crucial to your academic journey. The Trinity University of Asia will support you every step of the way by providing the resources and guidance you need to excel in your chosen ABM strand courses.

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