TUA‘s St. Luke’s College of Nursing at the 2024 EAFONS in Hong Kong

Trinity University of Asia’s (TUA) St. Luke’s College of Nursing (SLCN) made its mark on the international stage at the 2024 East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars (EAFONS), held at The University of Hong Kong on March 6-7.

Faculty delegates Ms. Catherine Eve Yngente and Ms. Charissa Rosamond D. Calacday presented their respective studies during the oral presentations. Ms. Yngente showcased the study titled “The Effect of a Fitness Mobile Application on the Physical Activity of Office Workers in Taguig City,” with Ms. Ma. Casey Gilliane Reyes as the primary author. Ms. Calacday presented “Effects of TikTok Videos on Pharmaceutical Drug Knowledge and Health Practices of Third Year Non-Health Sciences Students in a University in Quezon City,” with Ms. Patricia Gammad as the primary author.

Representing the faculty in the poster presentation, Mr. Marlouie Figueras presented the study titled “Perception on the Use of SMS in Emergency Patient Response of Selected Older Adults in a Barangay in Quezon City,” with Ms. Linci Tan as the primary author.

Student delegates from TUA also made significant contributions through poster presentations. Ms. Sheanne Acay, Ms. Alex Andrie Alfeche, Ms. Michaela Rae Andoque, and Ms. Coleen Angelica Asis presented their study on “Social Media Use, Eating Behaviors, and Psychosocial Well-being Among Nursing Students.” Additionally, Ms. Ria Maeve Ngo and Ms. Diana Kate Ojales presented “Qualitative Insights into RxBox Telemedicine Devices,” while Ms. Robyn Claire Villaluz, Ms. Mitzi Solmerin, Ms. Danyael Vergara, Ms. Krystle Joy Virrey, and Ms. Murielle Yawan presented “Effects of Cyber-Ostracism on the Psychological Well-being of Young Adults.” Ms. Angeli Vasquez and Ms. Winlaure Tenorio showcased “Health-Seeking Behavior and Barriers to Perceived Usability of Medication Trackers Among Middle-aged Adults.”

Lastly, Ms. Gabriel Phoenix Manalili and Ms. Maria Elizabeth Legaspi presented “Perceptions of Online Beauty Contents, Cosmetic Surgery Acceptance, and Psychosocial Well-being Among College Students” during the oral presentation.

Congratulations to our faculty and student delegates! Proud to see our TUA community making waves on the international stage.