Admission of Displaced Students of Colegio de San Lorenzo to Trinity University of Asia

Trinity University of Asia (TUA) affirms its commitment to help the students of Colegio de San Lorenzo (CDSL) to continue their studies in the most accommodating manner without compromising the quality of education they deserve. Since the announcement of closure of CDSL on August 15, 2022, TUA has enrolled a total of 154 students (about 25% of the total population of CDSL) in the collegiate level, with 29 more who are registered and assessed, and five more students admitted, waiting for official enrolment. Enrolment for transferees from CDSL are ongoing.

To expedite the enrolment process, TUA created an express lane for transferees from CDSL and extended its office hours to 8:00 p.m., including Saturdays. TUA also held onsite and online meeting with parents and students to ensure that all queries on their transfer were answered. Using the program standards released by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as bases, degree-giving departments compared the curricula of both schools and credited the courses taken by the students in CDSL to TUA curriculum.

As part of TUA’s corporate social responsibility and community involvement, students were exempted from taking institutional courses which are not part of their curriculum in CDSL to lessen their burden and ensure graduation on the projected timeframe. These courses include (1) Cross-Cultural Studies Communication, (2) Christian Education 1 and 2, (3) Data Analytics, (4) Robotics Application, (5) Foreign Languages, and (6) other enhancement courses.

Graduating transfer students with only five (5) or less courses in CDSL before their graduation were extended generous considerations on the crediting of subjects, such as General Education, Physical Education and other subjects, crediting of major courses with the closest match to TUA curriculum, and crediting of minor courses with the closest or functional match in their program curriculum. The crediting system employed ensures compliance with CHED’s Memorandum Orders for the degree programs.

TUA has also scheduled orientations and debriefing programs for CDSL students, spearheaded by the TUA Guidance and Career Center on 2 September 2022 at 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

Lastly, TUA welcomes the students from CDSL, and also accommodated several of the displaced faculty members. Some of them have already started teaching professional courses in TUA this semester.

The saying “no student left behind” is for all who come to TUA as we value the student’s need to be “prepared for life through God Centered education”. TUA, founded in 1963 is a CHED recognized Autonomous University and is situated in E. Rodriguez sr. Ave, Quezon City.