Positivity is needed in this Challenging Time of Our Lives


Everyone seems to be upset, down, and to some point, experiencing depression as Luzon has been put under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) since March 16 and extended up to May 15, 2020.  And just recently Malacanang thru its Spokesperson Harry Roque announced that NCR, Laguna and Cebu City would continue to be in ECQ or the current term the palace mentioned as modified ECQ.  This will be from May 16 to 31.

In view of this, I advocate for positivity seen in my social media posts by sharing best practices to avoid COVID19.  Starting from staying at home when there’s nothing to do outside; taking Vitamin C and nutritious foods to strengthen the immune system, maintaining physical or social distancing and maintaining personal hygiene—taking a bath after each grocery errand, washing hands or putting alcohol to maintain cleanliness.  And even washing right away the clothes that we have worn outside and disinfecting our shoes or slippers before entering our homes as research suggests that COVID19 can spread by soles’ shoes.  According to epidemiologist Vidya Mony, “many shoes are made of material that allows infectious pathogens to breed.” And, of course, it’s a must now to wear a mask-whether it’s an N95 mask or surgical mask or as simple as cloth mask as being recommended by the Health authorities.  The mask can, somehow, protect us as we engage in public when we buy some grocery items or medicines for the family.

In one of my posts, I shared a mixed of turmeric, honeybee and calamansi which is good for sore throat and colds.  Sore throat and colds are known symptoms of COVID19.  To avoid getting sick, taking this mixture would be good for one’s health.

Aside from giving tips, I also share positive thoughts in social media and share good news instead of unpleasant things that are happening around.  Honest netizens who return social amelioration program fund for instance can uplift our spirits knowing that there are still good people around amidst the pandemic. Companies that are donating millions give hope to Filipinos and employers keeping their employees and giving them their salaries at this trying time can boost our morale.

One good thing about being optimistic is that, it gives you peace of mind and keeping you sane in this time of uncertainty.  It will also keep your mind in thinking good things to make yourself busy at home. Boredom should not sink in as there are many things to do at home.

One simple post I shared is growing a calamansi plant which can boost our immune system.  Planting fruits and vegetables even in pots can keep us busy and will give us something to eat, especially that the prices of fruits, veggies and other commodities these days are getting expensive. Having your own grown veggies and fruits at home will save you from going to the public market often.  You have your instant menu for a day.

Being optimistic can relieve you from stress and anxiety.  Who knows about the future? It’s only God who knows what lies ahead.  What we can do as human beings is to hold on to His promise of paradise.  As what an old adage goes, “This too shall pass.”

We can win this war against COVID19.  We just have to believe that we can.  With the able help of our frontliners, support from family and friends and our positive insights, we can be triumphant in these trials and tribulations.  Remember that, God will not give us a problem that we cannot solve.

As what Emily Dickinson stated, “ Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul—and sings the tunes without the words—and never stops at all…”