2nd Meeting and Learning Session with TCCD Coordinators

The agenda for the meeting includes the update on the work and financial plan of the different projects that were carried out from August to October 2022, as well as plans for the months of November and December. Ms. Balmes discussed preparation and reminded the committee assigned in the institutional community extension projects;GULAY-KaTUAng sa Buhay, Plant of Hope, Tugon Tinitian, and PasKomunidad.

After the meeting, Ms. Angel Aquino, CD Associate, facilitated a learning session on the Basics of Community Development (CD Perspective and Approach). This topic covered poverty, conventional/mainstream approaches to community work and development, as well as community development as an alternative perspective and approach. These topics gave all coordinators greater motivation to work with the partner communities and discover methods or approaches that may be applied while assisting and serving community.

The Coordinators’ Meeting and Learning Session were attended by Ms. Daisy Sucaldito (CASE Coordinator), Ms. Ma Fe Llevado (CEIS Coordinator), Ms. Alona Romanes (SLCN Coordinator), Ms. Sheryl Salazar (CHTM Coordinator), Ms. Johnsy Margotte Ruallo (CMT Coordinator), Mr. Joseph Stephen Tambis (CAHS Coordinator), Dr. Lilibeth Sabillano (CBMA Coordinator) and Mr. Rodrigo Lofredo, Jr. (THS Coordinator) facilitated by TCCD Director, Ms. Caroline Balmes and Ms. Angel Aquino, CD Associate with Ms. Edirose Arenas, CD Assistant.