Featuring. . . New Teacher of Mandarin


Hello, TUA family! Since most of you do not know me yet, let me introduce myself. I am Rei-ann Shu.

I finished Bachelor of Secondary Education (major in Teaching Chinese Language) in Chiang Kai Shek College (CKSC). It is a 2+2 program, meaning I had to complete two years of studies in the Philippines and the remaining two years in China (Fujian Normal University (FNU)). Upon graduation, I received two certificates: one from CKSC and the other from FNU.

After earning my bachelor’s degree in 2018, I proceeded to working on a Master in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language degree at the Ateneo de Manila University.

I have been teaching Mandarin since 2017. In my first three years as a teacher, I have taught in three different schools, and in three different levels: primary, secondary, and tertiary. This time, in my fourth year, I am in a new environment, Trinity University of Asia. It is challenging but is proving to be a great blessing.

I started teaching Mandarin as a foreign language at Trinity University of Asia last February 27, 2020. At first, I thought my BS Medical Technical students would not take me seriously since my subject, Mandarin, is not one of their major subjects. However, to my surprise, they were extremely active in the class, very respectful, and, most especially, eager and willing to learn Mandarin. I had a great time teaching them, although we only had two face-to-face sessions before the pandemic hit and we had to hold classes on-line. I gained new insights and the reaffirmation that the teacher and the students should work together to get an ideal and meaningful learning outcome.