The Battle of Interschool’s BEST in Public Speaking

By: (2COMM01) Abrio Erika D., Atianzar, Radhastami S., Anub Carren S., Aparis, Joanne Marie S., Batario, Marcus Jolo C., Battad Paul Andrew B., Capillan, Jan Martha Sophia L., Corong, Kyle Rodney P., Cortez Charlene Grace P., Dela Cruz, Maxine S., Estrada, Kristienne V., Falsario, Jaya Marie F., Fuentes Joe Asher P., Isleta, Zacharie Tybalt Miguel E., Minano, Julia R., Quinto, Diego Maurice B., Tindogan, Jhuljha Marie, Torres, Lavay Sandrine L.

 Metro Manila and nearby provinces were witnessed as Trinity University of Asia celebrated its 58th Founding Anniversary held on February 17, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. via Zoom and Live Stream.

The Cultural and Language Festival (CULA Fest) was  one of the events that was  sponsored by the Languages and Contemporary Human Studies Department (LACHS) under  the College of Arts, Sciences and Education and  spearheaded by the second year students from Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

CULA Fest was an interschool competition that highlighted diverse skills and talents of the students in public speaking.  One for the Grade School Division on Elocution and the Junior and Senior High School Division on DJ and VJ MYX.

Dr, Gisela D.A. Luna, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, left a remarkable speech in her  Opening Remarks.  She emphasized that Spoken Communication is very significant at this time of Globalization, With it, we can express our feelings and thoughts. We are lucky that our contestants from different parts in the country can best deliver their crafts via online.

There were twenty-one participating schools, fifteen schools from the Grade School Division and six schools from the Junior and Senior High School Division. The event was very special because contestants were not just from Quezon City. There were also participating schools from Dagupan, Cavite and Alaminos, Pangasinan. All the participants did a great job, they were able to express themselves in delivering their speeches, and they were very creative in their video presentations. For the Grade School Division, Princess Sophia R. Domingo from Bago Bantay Elementary School was declared as the Champion in the Elocution. Her speech focused on the challenges that the world is facing right now and how this could be a beautiful transformation by still having hope. On the other hand, Ms. Aira Collene S. Ragos was declared as the Champion in the Junior and Senior High School Division. Lastly, Dr. Fernando Trinidad, the Overall- Chair of the 58th  Foundation Day 2021 delivered the Closing Remarks .

Participants for the Grade School Division on Elocution were the following: Barrona, Kian Clark (Placido Del Mundo Elementary School), Dechavez, Andry G. (Bagumbayan Elementary School of Quezon City), Dela Cruz, Annika (San Gabriel Elementary School), Domingo, Princess Sophia R. (Bago Bantay Elementary School), Francisco, Khurshanne Rhaeiazaiah S. (New Era Elementary School), Jioson, Jennechelle U. (Bagong Silangan Elementary School), Legaspi, Clod Alezandem Q. (St. Alphonsus Liguori Integrated School), Liban, Ma. Precious Princess E. (University of Cagayan Valley), Mallari, Johann Joaqui (Tandang Sora Elementary School), Matias, Sairah (Payatas B Elementary Schoo), Nallas, Ziyhane Keylee M. (General Roxas Elementary School), Nilo, Stephanie (Paltok Elementary School), Oparaku, Beyonce P. (Leandro Locsin Integrated School), Sanchez, Angel Asher J. (Ernesto Rondon High Schoo), Teves, Sarrah P. (Flora A Ylagan High School).

The Participants for the Junior and Senior High School Division on DJ and VJ MYX were: Agcanas, Arian Glaine J. (St. Alphonsus Liguori Integrated School), Cagampan, Giselle F. (Kingfisher School of Business and Finance), Labao, Alexa Khaye (Sauyo High School), Manuel, Daniel Andrei I. (Lucresia R. Kasilag Senior High School), Ponce, Ericka Hanna (E, Rodriguez Jr. High School), Ragos Aira Collene S. (Alaminos City National High School), Tolentiono, Shailo R. (Leandro Locsin Integrated School).