TUA Library’s sponsored webinar entitled: Credible Sources: Checking the Quality of Information

The sporadic rise of fake news and disinformation has detrimental effects on our everyday lives. Honing the ability to differentiate quality information from fake news is proven very vital, especially nowadays that everyone is busy battling the effects of the covid19 pandemic. Quality information simply keeps everyone calm and informed on the appropriate steps to take. The Trinity University of Asia supports the global battle towards fake news and disinformation by sponsoring a webinar that promotes efficient access to credible information. The Webinar entitled: Credible Sources: Checking the Quality of Information was carried out last February 15, 2021 via Webex meet (with a Livestream on the Facebook page of the TUA Library), thru the efforts of the TUA Library in collaboration with the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management and EBSCO Information Services.

Mr. Kevin Conrad T. Tansiongco, founder of Magbasa Tayo Movement and product specialist for library management and security solutions of Electronic Information Solutions Inc. served as the resource speaker of the webinar. In the webinar, Mr. Tansiongco highlighted the use of the CRAAP test to check the objective reliability of information across varied information sources. CRAAP is an acronym for Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose. The virtual event was attended not only by students and faculty members from the TUA community but also by librarians from various educational institutions (there are also participants from the United Arab Emirates). In a nutshell, 785 is the total number of attendees, 256 of which participated via Facebook live.