1st Entrep Corner Business Presentation

The College of Hospitality and Tourism Management (CHTM), Senior High School Department (SHSD), Global Education and Industry Relations Office (GEIRO), and partner industry Robinson’s Land Corporation held the 1st Entrep Corner Business Presentation last May 5,  2021.

Featuring 14 business proposals developed by CHTM and SHS students, the event saw different products presented for the comments and suggestions of Ms. Roseann Villegas (Director for Corporate Public Relations, Robinson Land Corp), Ms. Lcrie Grace “Cookie” Marquez (PR Manager, Robinson Land Corp.), Ms. Lorie Grace “Cookie” Marquez (PR Manager, Robinson Land Corp.), Ms. Marjorie Montesoro (Lease Officer, Robinsons Magnolia), Mr. Alden Tolentino (Hospitality Management Department Head, CHTM), and Mr. Caleb Coniate (Manager GEIRO). The most viable proposals are expected to be polished and to be invited to post displays on Robinson’s Malls’ online shopping portal.

“The event today is a continuation of TUA’s partnership with Robinson’s Land Corporation. It started three years ago and we see it continuing for a long time. All for the progress of our students,” said Dean Pong Trinidad during the post-event evaluation. He also thanked Mr. Wen Vinalay (OIC, SHS Department), Dr. Ronald Manzano (Chair, Tourism Department), Ms. Linda Menegon (SHA faculty), Ms. NA Aglibut (SHS faculty), and Mr. Mark Marfal (SHS faculty), and CHTM on-the-job-training students for helping facilitate and organize the said event.