A Special Embassy Session: Aligning Strategies for the New Normal in Tourism and Hospitality

Finland Edition

Aside from the breathtaking tourist destinations and the famous Aurora Borealis, Finland is also known as the world’s happiest country and nature driven country. That is why everyone went “Finland Dreamin’” after handing over a very educational and inspiring webinar entitled: “A Special Embassy Session: Aligning Strategies for the New Normal in Tourism and Hospitality” conducted by 4TOU01, College of Hospitality and Tourism Management held on the 13th day of October.

Students from Trinity University of Asia, along with the other students from different universities nationwide took time to watch and support the webinar which led and reached to approximately 1,800 attendees in Facebook live and fulfilled the maximum number of attendees in Zoom which is 500. The 2,800 attendees were very excited and fascinated to know more about the country who has the best welfare system globally, where Nokia and Santa Claus originated and the world’s happiest country, Republic of Finland.

The guest speaker, Hon. Laura Hassinen, who is the Deputy head of Mission in the Embassy of Finland in Manila, was generous enough to share her valuable knowledge about the strategies for the new normal in tourism and hospitality in Finland. After her speech, Students from different universities were intrigued and had the opportunity to ask relevant questions pertaining to the topics which includes: Tourism and Hospitality in Finland, New Normal in Finland and How they cope up during pandemic, Job Opportunities, Educational System, Tourist Spots, and Top Activities that can be done in Finland. Lastly, to give appreciation to the speaker and attendees, the organizer of the event sent free E-Certificates acknowledging their effort in joining the event.