Call for Participants in a Webinar in Research Writing for a More Purposive Communication

by May Rollo

Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) never stops students to learn the importance of research. With the asynchronous mode of teaching for this week brought about by ECQ in the National Capital Region, the Media and Communication Department will facilitate a learning engagement for students enrolled in GEC_104 (Purposive Communication). This is not a required virtual presence by the material will be made available at any time through Mediation Facebook page [].

This will be facilitated under the supervision of Dr. Al Ryanne G. Gatcho, that realizes the optimization of the research culture in the University. The webinar titled: “Research Writing for a More Purposive Communication” will be held on 11 April 2021, Sunday, from 9: 00 AM to 12: 00 PM. The invited speakers are well-published researchers in different high impact (Q1) and (Q2) research journals.

As research has always become a vital indispensable part of the society, it has shown to promote advancements and comforts to the lives of people. It takes part in the predominant role in asserting new treatments, and guaranteeing that people utilize existing treatments in the finest possible strategy. Research can be accountable upon discovering answers to things that are unknown, filling gaps in knowledge and transforming the ways that professionals work as it is an undertaking to review and improve educational practices, making sure to generate in-depth analysis of information creates space for generating new questions, concepts and understandings.

Mrs. Brenfel Hajan, a candidate of Master of Arts in Education major in English Language Teaching from the Philippine Normal University and currently the research coordinator in San Lorenzo Ruiz Senior High School will talk about writing the review of related literature (RRL). On the other hand, Mr. Bonjovi H. Hajan, also a graduate of Master of Arts in Education major in English Language Teaching from the Philippine Normal University, a research lecturer from Jose Rizal University, and the associate editor of Journal of English Education and Linguistics Studies will discuss writing a quality IMRaD research paper. The topics that they will cover are expected to help participants who may aspire to publish their works in various reputable research journals.

The webinar will be broadcasted live and will be open for any interesting individuals. Registration is free and participants may visit this link to access the registration form: They may also scan the QR code in the poster for easy access. Any questions or concerns regarding the webinar may be coursed at