Trinity Graduate School : Road to Global Excellence and Recognition

On June 9, 2018, Seven (7) Graduate School Professors attended the Royal Institution Global Conference and Conferment Ceremony at the Marina Sands Hotel, Singapore. The 7 Faculty from the different Graduate programs were given the following Designatory Titles and Grade as Doctor Fellow and Fellow by the Royal Institution Singapore in recognition of their continued excellence in their chosen Professions:

1. FDR. DR. ROMULO P.SORIAO, DFRIACC- Royal Institute of Accountants
2. FDR. DR. NORMA G. NUNEZ, DFRIM, FRIEdr- Royal Institute of Management
3. FDR.DR. ARMANDO E. ABUJUELA, DFRISDM, FRIEdr, FRIRes – Royal Institute of Security and Defence Management
4. FDR. DR. JULIET K. BUCOY, DFRISoW- Royal Institute of Social Workers

1. DR. EDRECK ESTIOKO, FRIN- Royal Institute of Nurses
2. DR. JOSEPH PETER B. REGONDOLA, FRIN – Royal Institute of Nurses
3. DR. RONALDO J. NAVATA, FRIPAr- Royal Institute of Public Administrators