CASE Department of Languages and GEIRO hold Virtual Language Fest 2021

With 330 participants from different parts of the Philippines, South Korea, and Japan, the Language Fest organized by the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education-Department of Languages and Contemporary Human Studies (CASE-LaCHS) and the Global Education and Industry Relations Office proved to be a significant learning event. The three-hour event open to Grades 10-freshman college students, teachers, and parents facilitated each participant to choose and to “experience” two of the four language offerings namely (Emergent) English, (Business) Mandarin, (Conversational) French, and Nihongo (For Specific Purposes). In the virtual classrooms, the learners were given opportunities to orally interact with their teachers and co-participants and were encouraged to enthusiastically transcend limitations brought about by language barriers.

On the part of the organizing committee, CASE Dean Dr. Howell Ho was excited in the convergence of skills of all the faculty, students and alumni who were tapped to contribute to the event. “Besides the fact that we always want to contribute to language-learning, for me it was equally exciting to see different members of the Trinitian community just putting in good work to ensure that education reaches higher levels especially in this time of many physical and mental limitations,” Dr. Ho said.

On August 31, the same group is expected to spearhead the university’s first ASEAN FEST.