TRITALK: Pivoting in Accounting and Finance Beyond the Numbers

Despite the pandemic life goes on and there is no stopping senior high school students from going to college. But while going to college is truly exciting, there are students who remain undecided about what course to pursue and they need just a little bit more information before jumping to the exciting world of tertiary education. This is good reason for Trinity University of Asia to conduct the TriTalk webinar entitled Pivoting in Accounting in Finance, Beyond the Number last May 15, 2021 from 2pm to 4pm. The event, participated by more than 200 senior high school students from all over the country, aimed to provide the participants a glimpse of accounting and finance as a profession thru the lens and experiences of four (4) distinguished panel members from various sectors including the academe, government, public accounting and banking & finance. The guest speakers also shared about the changes in the accounting and finance profession brought forth by the pandemic and how the profession is coping up and rising about the challenges of the pandemic.

Click the link below to watch replay of the webinar: