Business Analytics is used to demystify and strengthen the analytical skills of students. It is utilized to formulate sound business decisions and provide knowledge and practical application of business intelligence.

The Fastrack Academy discussed the relevance of Microsoft Power BI ( Business Intelligence ). Business intelligence is a technology-driven method that helps analyze data and provide actionable information which helps corporate executives, business managers, and other users to make informed business decisions.

The attendees were Deans, Department Heads, and Business Educators from different Colleges and Universities in the Philippines. The representatives of the Trinity University of Asia were the Dean of CBMA, Dr. Maria Victoria U. Rosas, and her department heads, Dr.Jasmin Mayo and Prof.Cristy Allauigan.

The event was held at Romulo Cafe Makati City with the theme ” Turn Insights into Action with Big Data and Business Analytics last October 12, 2022.