TUA Community Comes Together for PeerKada Jamming Event

The TUA Peers, in partnership with the CEIS Local Council, recently hosted an exciting event called PeerKada Jamming on March 30, 2023. The event was a fun and creative way for students to unwind and bond after a tough midterm exam week before the upcoming Holy Week Break. Participants from different colleges, TUA High School Department, faculty, and staff, gathered at the SSC Lobby from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM to showcase their musical talents and connect with one another through the shared love of music-making.

The PeerKada Jamming event provided students with an open mic and acoustic instruments, along with a sound system and a laptop, making it easy for students to participate and perform anything they wanted. Two performing arts student organizations, TUA Symphonic Band and TUA Chorale, were also invited to perform during the event.

The event offered a platform for students from different fields to come together, share, and appreciate a talented community. The PeerKada Jamming event promoted a supportive and inclusive environment where students could have fun and express themselves creatively. It also encouraged collaboration and creativity among students through the shared experience of music-making, and it showcased the incredible talents of the TUA community.