Unlocking the Beauty of Sign Language: A Journey of Inclusivity and Understanding

On May 17, 2023, the 2NU06 Batch Luna of the St. Luke’s College of Nursing conducted a Seminar Workshop titled “Hands that Speak: Unlocking the Beauty of Sign Language” at Room 205, of the Student Services Center of Trinity University of Asia. The activity served as a final project for the CNU_ELEC1 – Medical Events Management subject, taught by the esteemed Dr. Lilibeth R. Sabillano from the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management.
With the active participation of 60 guests from both the CHTM and SLCN departments, the workshop aimed to promote inclusivity on campus and beyond. The organizers wanted to educate guests about the relevance of sign language as a powerful form of communication. By imparting new communication skills, they aimed to break down barriers and foster understanding among individuals with diverse backgrounds.
The event held particular relevance for students pursuing the CHTM program, as their future careers would involve interacting with a wide range of individuals and guests. In light of this, the respected speaker, Teacher Josephine Barbin, a Certified Sign Interpreter from the Philippine Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, took the center stage as the esteemed speaker. Her expertise and passion illuminated the significance of understanding the daily lives of the deaf community and debunked common misconceptions.
As the event concluded, the participants left with a stronger respect for sign language and a better knowledge of the deaf population, achieving the event’s objectives and making a lasting impression on them.