TriniTips 101: First-Hand Rescue, Saves You

Trinity University of Asia witnessed a transformative event on May 18, 2023, as the 2NU05 Batch Luna Class of the St. Luke’s College of Nursing organized a Seminar titled “TriniTips 101: First-Hand Rescue, Saves You” at the Mandell Hall Auditorium. The event held from 1:00pm to 4:30pm, served as a culminating activity for their CNU_ELEC1 – Medical Events Management subject. The dedicated guidance of Dr. Lilibeth R. Sabillano, a faculty member from the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management, ensured the event’s success. The goal of the seminar was to give knowledge and to equip attendees with the skills they would need to respond quickly in emergency situations. The program gave students a chance to learn important first aid concepts thanks to the presence of 200 attendees from both the CHTM and SLCN departments.
The speaker for the event was Lt. Gladdes H. Arreco, MPA, RN, an esteemed SLCN alumna and the Batch President Centenniales (2007). Lt. Arreco is currently employed with the Office of the Chief of the Bureau of Fire Protection as an administrative officer and a CBRN desk officer. She gave a thorough presentation on fundamental first aid skills, covering a range of emergency situations, using her wealth of experience and expertise. Throughout the seminar, Lt. Arreco engaged the audience with her captivating presentation style and interactive demonstrations. 
The “Basic First Aid” Seminar demonstrated the value of providing people with knowledge and skills that could save their lives. The event not only gave attendees useful tools, but it also encouraged a sense of accountability and compassion for others in difficult situations.