TRINITY TALK: Rise UP in Flexible Learning

The TUA-College of Medical Technology held its Annual Student Symposium last February 19 during the 58th Founding Anniversary of the university.

Celebrating Abundance as the theme for this year, signifies optimism and gratefulness despite global pandemic. Hence, CMT invited once again Mr. Al Ian Barcelona, the President and Founder of AIB Training and Consulting Corporation, as the resource speaker, to provide insights on how faculty and students should adopt on the current teaching and instructional modality.

Mr. Barcelona emphasizes that “teaching is not just to inform but more so to transform”. He shares that part of the new life skills is not just the adaptability to extreme situation but to evolve as well and rise up every time we fall.

Indeed, this symposium sponsored by the Philippine Society of Medical Technology Students-TUA Chapter is a conduit of inspiration in this challenging flexible learning. The day 3 of the founding anniversary opens with an awesome morning in the presence of Mr. Barcelona.

This activity was hosted by Mr. Sean Gabriel Garcia and Ms Zoe Natividad, both second year med tech students, while Mr. Nathaniel Veron Casamina, PHISMETS Faculty-Adviser, was the panel of reactor. Rise UP Trinitians!