8th Junior High School Moving Up Ceremony and 6th Senior High School Commencement Exercises


We celebrated the 8th Junior High School Moving Up Ceremony and the 6th Senior High School Commencement Exercises at the University Theater on June 30, 2023. The ceremony commenced with an invocation led by our University Chaplain, Rev. Fr. Echanes Cadiogan. The graduates eagerly awaited the words of wisdom from their guest speaker, Ms. Kathleen Dacera, an alumna of TUA High School Batch 2001. She shared three main points that left a lasting impact on the graduating students—dream big, practice gratitude, and live a life of compassion and purpose.

Ms. Dacera concluded her Commencement Address with the following meaningful words: “Don’t discount your future based on where you’re at today. Don’t think you’ll never do anything great. Here’s what I know, you are not your past, you are not your resume, you are not your past grades. You can always strive to be better. You are more important than you think you are, millions of people will be blessed by you. Your future is brighter that what you believe it to be. I believe we are all called for a bigger purpose and I know we all have the capacity to be God’s hands to love and serve the world.”

Dr. Julius Somera, the Principal of TUA High School, then led the presentation of the Completers and Graduates. The conferment of diplomas and sashes, symbolizing the completion of their respective academic programs, was led by our University President, Dr. Gisela Luna. Joined by deans of the colleges, and VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Howell Ho, and VP for Administration and Finance, Ms. Matilde Asuncion, the graduates were individually awarded their diplomas, marking the culmination of their high school journey. Valedictory address were delivered by Mr. Antonio Miguel Reyes, a JHS Completer with High Honors, and Ms. Glynice Joie Madali, a SHS Graduate with High Honors.

As a testament to their commitment and loyalty, the graduates participated in the Pledge of Loyalty to the Alma Mater, led by Ms. Floribel Ringor, an SHS Graduate with High Honors. This solemn moment symbolized their dedication to carry the values instilled by Trinity University of Asia (TUA) throughout their lives. The event also served as an introduction to the TUA General High School Alumni Association. Dr. Amado Nazal, the President of the association, enlightened the graduates about the significance of staying connected and engaged with their alma mater. Mr. John Regienald Julaton, a faculty at TUA High School, served as the master of ceremonies for this unforgettable event.

Congratulations TUA High School’s Class of 2023! Your achievements are the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your lives. Aim high, pursue your dreams, and make a difference in the world!

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