American Association for Clinical Pathology officials visit TUA

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) officials led by its past-president, Dr. Melissa P. Upton, and the former chairman of the Council of Laboratory Professionals Mr. Rex F. Famitangco, were welcomed by the university president Dr. Wilfred U. Tiu.

A consultation meeting was held together with the Dean of the College of Medical Technology, Dr. Maria Teresa T. Rodriguez, to discuss with the chief executive of the university the future plan of the college on international accreditation and on how alumni can assist in the development of the school.

Also present in the discussion board was the president of the PAMET-USA cum former dean of CMT, Dr. Shirley Fabian-Cruzada, and the academic head of the College.

After the consultation meeting, a symposium was held at the university theater where medical technology students and faculty listened to the very inspiring stories of the ASCP officials and the current employment opportunities of medical technologists in the USA as presented by the PAMET-USA President.

Mr. Famitangco is a recipient of the Outstanding Alumni Award of the TUA, and currently the Laboratory Administrative Director and Education Director at Morrill County Community Hospital in Bridgeport, Nebraska.