Preliminary assessment achieved in partnership with Acadsoc

On July 2, 2021, as part of the preparation of the Pre-service teachers of the Education Department of the TUA-College of Arts and Sciences, students were given the opportunity to have an online preliminary interview with Acadsoc – an online English education platform. They were accommodated by Ms. Krystine Tolentino, Marketing Coordinator, and expert trainers, Mr. Bryan Sandaga and Mr. Jigs Arce. The students were guided and supported by their supervisor, Dr. Maria Theresa Cardano, and the Head of the Department, Mr. Alejandro Vinalay. The junior students were able to demonstrate their passion and skills in teaching, showcased their individuality and gained valuable experience from the event. They are one step ahead towards becoming effective online teachers. This partnership was facilitated by the TUA – Global Education and Industry Relations Office (GEIRO) headed by Mr. Caleb Coniate.