TAKIPSILIM: Fantasy Themed 2D Turn-Based RPG Developed Using Unity Engine

A research between the students of College of Engineering and Information Sciences of Trinity University of Asia with its Dean titled “TakipSilim: Fantasy Themed 2D Turn-Based RPG Developed Using Unity Engine” was published in the International Journal of Computing Sciences Research (IJCSR) published by Step Academic, an open-access, peer reviewed journal, indexed in Google Scholar, Directory of Open Access Journals, Crossref, and Naver.

In their paper they discussed how “TakipSilim” a Role Playing Game (RPG) was developed using Agile Methodology. Game evaluation showed satisfactory to very satisfactory ratings from IT experts and gamers based on the following criteria: game readability, ease of program maintenance, low hardcore resource consumption, and low complexity. TakipSilim provided its players with gaming experience to promote, enlighten, and educate people about the local culture through folktales, mythological creatures, and superstitions. The publication can be accessed and downloaded through https://stepacademic.net/ijcsr/article/view/343.

Congratulations to TUA CEIS Dean Dr. Bunag and their students; Paolo Angelo Capundan, Mark Steven
Evangelista, Kurtz Warren Bariso, for this accomplishment!