Tugon Trinitian a Call for Donations to help Mindanao Earthquake Victims

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The Trinitian Community Development Section (TCDS) will be accepting donations for the survivors of Mindanao earthquake starting TODAY particularly to the affected communities of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Philippines in Cotabato and Davao.

We are launching SHARE A COIN FOR A CAUSE since we highly encourage everyone to donate cash that we will directly transfer to the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Philippines to provide the survivors with temporary shelters, food, water and the like since transporting goods will entail additional expenses. However, if you still wish to donate goods the following are topmost needed: sanitary kits for women, children’s clothes, beddings/blankets, and mosquito nets.

Once again, we are called to serve and respond to the needs of our brothers and sisters in Mindanao. Let us all be united and respond (TUGON) to their needs through our loving service.